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Sinus Augmentation

In some situations there is insufficient volume of bone available to place dental implants at the back of the upper jaw. This is often because of the enlargement of the sinus space.

Following tooth removal, or because of gum disease, bone is naturally reabsorbed (or lost) on some occasions quite quickly. In addition, the sinus space enlarges and grows down. This can mean that dental implants cannot be placed due to a lack of bone. This situation can be overcome by a procedure known as sinus augmentation.

The sinus lining is lifted back up during a surgical procedure and bone graft material placed in the resulting area creating space for implants. This graft material gradually fuses with your own bone over a period of time.

Dental Implants can be placed at the same time as the sinus augmentation procedure or at another visit, some four to six months later depending upon individual situations.

Sinus augmentation is a very predictable and successful procedure, allowing implants to be placed when otherwise it would not be possible.

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