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Sleep in a dental chair

Angela with new smile
Angela with her new smile!

Sleep in a dental chair. Yes, you read that correctly. At Dental Holiday you can sleep in a dental chair while our expert dentist, Dr. Marek (Mark) will provide you with  dental treatment under general anesthetic. Wake up pain free, like Angela, with a temporary bridge.

Angela had a full set of teeth extractions and implant placement while she was sleeping. Angela, who works as a GP in England, was amazed by the friendly, pain-free treatment at Dental Holiday.

dotazník angela

What happens when I wake up? No worries, we will provide a full arch fixed temporary bridge so you can go back to work and your life without anyone every knowing about your dental treatment.
This is Angela after first visit with her temporary bridge- you’re looking good Angela! Come to Piestany, a lovely spa village just north of Bratislava in Slovakia, for your excellent dental treatment. Our driver will pick you up and take you to and from the clinic. Our English-speaking staff with help you with accommodations where you can relax after your treatment and truly be on a dental holiday. Our expert, highly qualified dentist, Dr. Marek (Mark) will walk you through the process and make you feel very comfortable. Natalia, our patient manager, provides a treatment plan for you and all pricing, so you don’t have to worry there are any hidden costs.

We provide you with a temporary bridge while your mouth heals before the final placement of the implants. Depending on the complexity of the surgery, this can be accomplished in 2-3 visits over as many months.

Fill out our contact form today and you’ll be on your way to the smile you’ve always dreamed of at about 50-70% less than UK prices!

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