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Smile Clinic has won the World Award for Best use of technology in medical tourism!

We are honoured to share the biggest news of our dental clinic in 2019!

The Best Health Technology Use Award goes to Smile Clinic!

Out of 140 clinics from all over the world, Smile Clinic Slovakia received the first prize for the best use of technologies. We are so happy! The awards ceremony was held last week in Berlin, Germany, and the award for our dental team was received by our clinic manager Daniel Shaw.

What does Best Use of Technology in Health Care actually mean?

In short, it is digital X-ray imaging and CT examination directly at the clinic, which we do at every consultation, as well as during and after the treatment. Endodontic and re-endodontic treatment (Root canal treatment and re-treatment) is performed only with the help of special dental magnifiers – microscope – thanks to which we can achieve maximum accuracy and precision of each treatment. Last but not least, the jury appreciated our specialized dental laboratory. The lab is located directly at the clinic in Piešťany.

The use of technology does not end here. We use specialized milling cutters and the CEREC system. Thanks to this, we can produce all-ceramic dental crowns within an hour or less. With the unique WELDONE system we offer patients a fixed bridge immediately after implantation, so no patient leaves our clinic without teeth. We communicate with patients via social networks – Facebook, Instagram, google, as well as through our website chat.

You can read more about the ceremony HERE.

Thank you!