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“I can smile with confidence once again!”

Lawrence is happy AFTER the treatment with Dental Holiday
Lawrence is happy AFTER the treatment with Dental Holiday
This patient AFTER his dental implants

If you are struggling with poor quality teeth right now and you want to smile again with confidence, then you’ve come to the right place!

Meet one of our recent patients, Mr. Lawrence from the UK. He wished to smile proudly at his daughter’s wedding. His upper teeth were in very bad condition so Dr. Mark suggested a dental treatment plan consisting of 11 tooth extractions, a bone graft, a sinus lift and 6 dental implants supporting a 14-point ceramic natural-looking study bridge of teeth.

As you can see from the X-ray, during the first session, 6 dental implants were placed in the patient’s upper jaw. These dental implants were then used to support 14 teeth for the rest of his life and as you can see from the photograph on this page, the result was quite amazing!

Patient´s X-rays BEFORE and AFTER the treatment
Here are the patients X-rays BEFORE and AFTER their dental implant treatment

You can read all about Lawrence’s experience at our dental implant clinic in Slovakia in his lovely testimonial that he kindly left us after his final dental appointment with Dr. Mark:

When I came here I was very apprehensive and unsure. Was this the right place to come? Was it OK to do the treatment away from the UK? I can only say that the quality and level of dentistry and service is absolutely second to none. My initial treatment was 5 hours at the clinic.

I had my existing teeth removed, a bone graft, sinus lift and a set of temporary teeth that lasted until my final visit today, six months later. I have had so many compliments on my smile now and apart from a little sensitivity in the first couple of weeks, never had any discomfort.

Every question answered in a speedy professional manner by some of the most friendly people you could ever wish to meet.

Patient´s teeth BEFORE
Our patient’s teeth before treatment

They say that after the final treatment you can get a check-up at home or visit once a year. I look forward to visiting once a year! 

My new teeth were put in today and my daughter gets married this weekend. I can smile with confidence once again!

Patient´s teeth AFTER finishing the treatment with dental implants and dental crowns
The patient’s teeth after treatment

Thank you all so very much! 


PS: no hidden fees!”

This is handwritten testimonila the patient has left us after finishing the treatment with us
This is the handwritten testimonial the patient left us after finishing his treatment with us