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“A few months ago, I was standing where you are now”


This week’s dental holiday patient story needs no introduction. Here’s the treatment abroad account of Andreas, who came to us for 10 tooth crowns together with his mother for company:

‘A few months ago, I was standing where you are now. Searching the internet, trying to decide how big of a risk it was, to travel into the unknown, in search of a smile that would give me the confidence to smile again. I’d come across some horror stories and some positive ones , until I eventually found this site and the countless positive reviews, which I now find myself adding to.

My own experience has been a very positive one. I now have the smile that I have been without for most of my adult life. It looks both natural and healthy, so I couldn’t be more satisfied than I am. In my case, I had no choice, but to travel with my elderly mother, who suffers from Dementia and whom I care for full time. I was naturally concerned about her care during my treatment. I need not have been. The girls in reception treated my mother as if she were their own and on a couple of occasions, when she became confused, they called for me and I was able to reassure her, before returning to continue my treatment. The people that I met here feel more like friends than strangers. I found their genuine warmth and kindness refreshing.


My advice to you is this. Don’t take my word for it. Risk nothing. Making an appointment to have a consultation in Bratislava does not commit you to anything. You’ll be collected from the airport and taken to your accommodation and driven back, to catch your flight, when you are ready to return to your country. Bratislava is a beautiful city, so treat it like a short break. I assure you that your consultation will provide you with the confidence that you lack now. You will know that you have come to the right place.

I hope that you have found what you’ve just read, helpful and Good luck! – Soon you could be writing about your own positive experience.”