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Marienne’s questionnaire


Marienne came to us in November 2010. She was absolutely happy with her dentistry abroad teeth and Smile Clinic – Dental Holiday’s star dentist, Dr. Marek (Mark).

3 thoughts on “Marienne’s questionnaire”

    • Hi Lizzie, today I’ve sent to you a full reply to your notes via email. If for whatever reason you don’t receive it, please do let me know!

  1. Hello – I need the following:

    I would like to remove upper left 4, a broken root. Underneath it is a large area of infection and I do think that this tooth will be very difficult to restore and will not last for long if it is restored.

    Root treatment £
    Metal post £
    Crown £

    Option 2 – REMOVE THE TOOTH, there is plenty of bone there for dental implant at a later date.
    We could make a small temporary denture that fills in the gap after the extraction while the gum heals and shrinks.
    Normally 3 months later we would make you a permanent denture once this has healed – we would either make an acrylic denture or a chrome denture.
    Extraction £
    Temporary denture £
    Acrylic denture £
    Chrome denture £

    Option 3 – IMPLANTS
    A single implant Titanium £
    A single implant Ceramic £
    If a second implant is to be placed in the gap behind, this would require sinus augmentation and a discussion with our surgeon who would do the work (cost of 0). Once the implant is put in and the bone is allowed to heal for up to 6 months, the denture is still wall as we need time fo rthe implant ti integrate into the bone. Therefore a denture gives it time to allow healing and planning for the treatment.

    Upper left – second back tooth
    When we see you to do the above work, I would like to check the vitality of the second back tooth as there are some changes around the roots of that tooth. It may possibly need a root treatment. £

    Remove the roots on the lower right side and either leave the gap as it is or have a small lower denture made. The advantage of the denture is that it gives you more teeth to chew on and takes a load off the front teeth. The upper and lower front teeth are wearing a little bit and there are certain cosmetic issues about the upper front teeth, they have a lot of fillings in them but are acceptable for now. More can be done to improve them but certainly to do this we would like a more secure bite on the bottom. Long term implants and two teeth can be placed.
    LR 7 root extraction £
    Chrome denture £
    Implants £

    The other treatment I think is appropriate to do now would be to replace the crown on this tooth. This is an important tooth for you to eat and chew on, there are some signs of decay around the edges, it is very deep underneath the gum, decay is starting to come back again and so we want to replace it with a metal bonded crown.
    Crown £

    There are three other spaces where I would like to discuss having a permanent denture, crown or implant:
    Upper left 5 £
    Upper right 4 £
    Lower right 6 £

    Plus I have just cracked a tooth lower right and lost a filling lower left.

    Please can you send me:
    Prices for all of the above
    Details of how soon you can do it and how long you will need
    Do people in your clinic speak good Englsih?

    Thank you ver muc,


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