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You are never too old to give your teeth the care they deserve

This was Doris´s smile BEFORE we started the treatment
Doris’ smile before treatment
This is Doris - she is happy with new upper teeth
Doris with new upper teeth

Mrs Doris’ son in law recommended our dental clinic to her.  Wayne had been to Piešťany dental clinic several years ago, and as he was very happy with the treatment results, he told his family and friends about the dental work. His personal experience instigated Doris to send us an e-mail.

At the beginning of our communication, she was unsure what kind of treatment she needed. With a little help from a few X-rays from her local dentist and some photos of her current teeth condition, we made her an estimated treatment plan.  She then decided to come to our clinic. Her decision was based on the recommendations of the quality of our work and the better price abroad.

Dental implant treatment at Smile Clinic

At the age of 70, she came to Smile Clinic Slovakia to give her teeth the care they deserve. She had old dental bridges in the upper front that needed to be replaced. Only a few natural teeth were left in her upper jaw, and she had one tooth missing from the lower jaw.

An X ray taken BEFORE the treatment
X-ray taken before treatment
An X ray taken AFTER treatment
X ray taken after treatment

At the beginning of the treatment, Dr Mark extracted all her remaining teeth from the upper jaw. After extractions, he put 6 dental implants in her upper jaw and 1 dental implant in her lower jaw. Because the dental implants need a couple of months to heal within the patient’s bone, Doris flew back to the UK and spent the healing period at home. While the implants are healing, the patient has temporary healing caps in the mouth. With these provisional caps, she could eat, speak and smile without major restrictions.

Doris came back to us 4 months after the implantation. We took the impressions of her teeth and sent them to our specialised, on-site dental laboratory, where our experienced technicians make all dental crowns for our patients.

On the third visit, we finished the whole treatment. As you can see, the All on 4-6 procedure helped Doris to smile proudly and widely. If you are struggling with some dental problems and your local dentist cannot help you, we are here for you. Just fill out this CONTACT FORM, and we will get back to you within 24 hours, even during the weekends!

This is the testimonial Doris left us after her final visit:


Smile Clinic was recommended to me by family + friends. 

The treatment I received was very professional, the staff was very kind and caring. I had to have a lot of treatment done but there was never any pain. 

I will have no hesitation to recommend Smile Clinic to anyone.

Thanks to all the staff.


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The article was medically reviewed by Dr. Marek Salka.