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Never be without teeth during treatment

At Smile Clinic – Dental Holiday we’ve completed thousands of dental implants; from just one implant to full jaw reconstructions. One of the questions we are always asked is “What happens in between the original surgery and when I come back for my second visit after the implant has healed”?  Don’t worry…you’ll never be without teeth during treatment.

What happens next?

After an implant placement we offer a temporary implant bridge. A temporary implant bridge consists of a temporary abutment and acrylic material and it is fitted just for the healing period for aesthetic reasons.


A temporary implant bridge is offered if…
your front teeth are being replaced by dental implants or for a full arch reconstruction.

No removable dentures or toothless healing period – fix your teeth in one visit with us!

After a full mouth reconstruction your existing denture can be modified, so after the implant placement you will have teeth during your healing period and no-one will notice any difference.

All our temporary bridge/crowns are non removable. Temporary solutions at Smile Clinic are free of charge and are not subject to a guarantee, however our finished implants are guaranteed up to 10 years!

The temporary denture/bridgework is provided so you can function normally and no-one will notice that the implants are healing underneath. Healing caps are put on the implants and are also provided free of charge. We have an on-site lab so we can be very efficient with our patients dental treatment and make sure they are as comfortable as possible and there’s no need for multiple visits between healing periods.

However, the implant is still healing, and these “temporary teeth” are built for cosmetic reasons and you should only eat soft food while the healing is taking place. You need to allow a couple of weeks for the implants to get a firm grip in your jawbone.

Don’t hide your smile anymore. When you leave Smile Clinic – Dental Holiday you can show it off to the world!

Have a look at the initial patient photo before the temporary implant bridge, and the after picture taken with the temporary bridge – the 2nd day after an implantation.

Before dental treatment and picture of client with temporary bridge.
Before and after treatment with temporary bridge
Before and after temporary bridge
Before and after temporary bridge
before and after temporary bridge fitted
Before and after treatment with temporary bridge

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