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Tooth crowns / bridges abroad – how many visits are needed?

Dental Holiday in Slovakia has 2 ways to make crowns / veneers:

1. Hand-made in the dental lab, the whole preparing, baking, cooling and finishing process takes 6-8 working days, which cannot be sped up in any way. Therefore, we ask patients to make 2 one day visits with 2 weeks between them. These crowns / veneers cost £397 per tooth.

2. Computerized CAD-CAM CEREC machines can make crowns in 1 day, but because of the high-quality, expensive material used – Zirconia – They cost £397 per tooth. We ask patients to stay for 4 days in this case because: on the 1st day the preparations are made to the teeth and impressions made, the crown/veneer is made on the next day, the next day it can be sent to the dental lab for final finishing and then can be fitted on the 4th day.

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