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How long after tooth removal can a bridge be fitted?

Do you need a tooth removed and a tooth bridge fitted?

Although a new all-ceramic tooth bridge can be fitted immediately after a tooth has been extracted, because of the swelling and resulting gap in the jawbone that may occur,  in some cases, it’s better to wait 8-12 weeks for the jawbone surrounding the position of the extracted tooth to heal over completely.

This would be the same in dental implant cases as well. Placing dental implants into newly healed jawbone results in the highest success rate possible, and therefore, many experienced implantologists prefer to wait for those 8-12 weeks.


When it’s possible to do a bridge or dental implant immediately after extraction (your implantologist or dentist will tell you so), then a temporary bridge can be made up to be worn during the dental implant healing and preparation period.

I hope that helps…

10 thoughts on “How long after tooth removal can a bridge be fitted?”

  1. Had a tooth extraction and temporary bridge in a same day. The extraction was hard though! Now it has been a week but I still feel pain, is it normal?
    Of course the less is much less than the first four days but I still need painkillers once a day

    • Hi Parastoo – are you taking antibiotics?
      Yes, some discomfort after a tooth extraction is normal typically, you would weights between 7 to 14 days for it to all settle down pain killers are a good idea of course to you if you cannot manage without them. If the pain continues, please visit the doctor or the clinic that has done the work. If it continues, antibiotics may need to be prescribed.

  2. I had a tooth extraction and a temporary bridge put over. I feel like there is a space In which I can pass the floss under the extraction but over the bridge when I use the dental floss to clean my teeth. Is this supposed to be?

    • Hi Wendy, yes it’s supposed to be like that – please don’t use floss with temporary teeth, you might dislodge them. The permanent teeth will be different of course…
      Does that help?

  3. When having a tooth pulled and a temporary bridge placed Immediately after extraction, can you still get a dry socket?

  4. I had a bridge but the two front teeth it was attached to were very loose so I had those extracted and at the same time had a new larger bridge fitted. It is now a week since the procedure but very hot and very cold drinks are causing discomfort? How long will this last for please?

    • Hi Mary, yes this is quite normal as the nerves in your teeth/gums are exposed/agitated due to the work done, and it’ll take a bit of time for them to heal over again – usually around 2 weeks is the norm. ​I hope that helps!

    • Hi Marilyn, and thanks for the question. The temporary bridgework is built to last for approximately 6 months, you’d need to return to the clinic for the final fitting of the bridgework ideally before or around that time.
      In our clinic, we use a special technique where we actually weld the temporary bridgework to the dental implant abutments themselves to create stability and long-term usage of the temporary bridge as most of our patients are from the UK or further away and return to us 3-6 months after treatment – so we have to be sure that it stands up well over that period.
      In the unlikely case that the temporary fails, either the patient would visit a local implantology clinic for a replacement/repair or visit us again for a free replacement/repair. (temporary bridgework is always included free of charge for our implant patients)
      Does that help?

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