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“I’m almost sad I don’t need any more treatment … almost”

Aiden and Mathew are brothers and they both had dental treatment in our clinic and we would like to share with you an email from them 🙂

Hey guys, emailing from the apartment. Mathew and I are just resting off our treatment: I think we practically lived in the clinic for the last few days, so we’re a bit tired. Anyway, I just wanted to say a big thank you to the entire team for all the dental work – you were all great. Personal thank you to Natalia, who let me ramble on about business/study. She was really caring, and distractedly pretty – would be a shame if I never saw her again. Also, thank you to Monika, who was really fun to talk to, and awesome as always (I’ll say yes to coffee next time I swear). If anyone needs me for anything, this is my personal email, so feel free to contact me. I might be back in 12 months for crowns, and to bring my older brother over this time for some dental work, so hopefully see you all then.


p.s. I’m almost sad I don’t need any more treatment … almost ^_^

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