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The Truth About Your Dentist

NHS dentist more expensive

Many of you may have seen last night’s C4 dispatches programme featuring 6 UK dental practices and 10 dentists who allegedly are “gaming the system.”

If these allegations are true, we are as shocked and upset as you are. What is the truth about your dentist?

It’s shameful that some NHS dentists have been blinded by greed and have chosen to put profit well above patient care. For these NHS dentists it does not matter what system is used by the NHS to provide adequate dental healthcare, instead they will always find a way to maximize their profits and minimize the amount of patient care work that they provide. They dont care how bad their standard of work is or how far they deviate from the obligations and duties of care to their patients as long as they make maximum profits.

Profit or Care  – which comes 1st?

Once we dentists get to the point that we only think about profit and no longer care about patient care and our standard of work, at that point we are no longer dentists/doctors, we have become pure business men/women who are only after profit.

Here at Dental Holiday we are very proud of our team, our standards of customer service and clinical care.

We hope that watching the practices and individuals featured in the Despatches programme will have demonstrated the benefits of having your dental treatment abroad, the care that we extend to our patients and the difference that having dentistry with us has made in their lives.

The truth about YOUR UK dentist abroad is that we do care, often much more than a local dentist.

It’s easy to tell you this in an email, but with now over 500 handwritten reviews for your to glance over on our website, you can be sure that “the truth is in the pudding” not “my tooth is in the pudding” 😉

over 100 handwritten dental reviews of your UK dental clinic abroad here:

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