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UK dental prices and costs

uk dental implants and crown prices
uk dental implants and crown prices

Here are results of a recent survey of UK dental prices and costs at British private dental clinics, provided by The results were startling, with similar dental treatments costing over 900%  more depending on which dental clinic you choose within the UK.

Unsurprisingly the large majority of UK dental patients they have put off dental treatment because of the cost, and over 75% said that they would travel to go to a dental clinic, even if it meant travelling abroad 1-2hrs to a dental clinic such as this one in Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, The Czech Republic, Croatia or Turkey.

For this 2011 survey the dental costs from over 500 private dental clinics in the UK have been gathered. The chart with prices from Bristol, Birmingham, Glasgow, London and Manchester shows the various costs that can be found.

We hope that by showing those in the UK that they do have real choice for cheaper, quality dental treatment with us that we can encourage more to actually go ahead and have their dental treatment abroad with us.

Compare to our dental treatment costs:

  • Check up – Free! (UK average dental price £35)
  • Root Canal – £87 (UK average dental price £230)
  • Teeth Whitening – £247 (UK average dental price £415)
  • Pure Ceramic Veneers – £397 (UK average dental price £430 )
  • 5* Dental Implants – £980 (UK dental price £1964)

(2011 UK average dental price –  source: 2011 – out of 500 UK dental practices – Dental Holiday is 50-70% cheaper on the majority of major dental treatments, and completing each case in 3-4 less practice visits than UK clinic)

However, Not only should you consider the experience of the dentists involved, the equipment they used, time is also a factor as well.
The average number of visits for a dental implant case in the UK is 8, whereas we do it successfully for the past 4 years in just 3 one day visits.
Crowns and veneers can be done in just one visit of 4 working days.

Out of the 100’s of dental treatment reviews from past patients and customer service feedback contained on our website, you can make a better informed choice when deciding which dental clinic is right for you.

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  1. I am extremely unhappy with my teeth…after 15years of suffering with bulimia the acid has eaten away at my teeth. They are EXTREMELY sensitive, my front teeth are see through and broken away and the rest of my teeth have chipped and worn away and receding gums at my bottom teeth. I no I need a lot done to fix my smile. I am researching the market to try find the best price.


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