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Who has dental treatment abroad?

travel abroad for dental treatment

Whenever I explain to anyone just what we do here at Dental Holiday, they often ask me: “Who visits your dental clinic abroad?” This page is an answer to that question if you’re interested.

We have on average 4-6 dental patients per day arriving at Bratislava airport.

Most of our UK dental patients come from the UK as we are a British run dental clinic abroad, although we occasionally have visitors from the USA, France, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Italy, Germany and Austria. Often we also treat Slovak patients who through living and working abroad and don’t have a regular dentist that they can go to.

  • From Ireland, most visitors come from Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Knock
  • From Wales it’s Bangor, Cardiff and Llandudno
  • From Scotland it’s Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow.
  • From England it’s from the regions around London, Birmingham, Norfolk, York, Manchester and Liverpool.

Of course, we get visitors from all over for dental treatment abroad, but these are the most popular cities and areas, possibly because they’re close to the airports served by cheap airlines.

As for types of dental treatments, gender and age, 60% of our dental patients from the UK are males, and 40% women. Possibly men are more comfortable with travelling abroad for dental treatment, but Slovakia is much more safer than walking about in most UK towns, and you can always travel with a friend or family member for support. Each patient is picked up free of charge from the airport, and provided with a local telephone, so you never need to worry about getting lost here, we’re always on hand.

The usual dental treatment choice is:

  • 25-35 – porcelain veneers – usually 8 for the upper teeth and 8 for the bottom.
  • 35-55 – crowns and bridges, full smile makeovers
  • 45-70 – dental implants supporting crowns and bridges for denture replacements, or old bridge and crown replacements.

Each case is of course individual and varies, but at least you have here a little background behind the usual “dental tourist” from the UK who visits our dental clinic abroad.

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