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Why are dental implants cheaper abroad?

dental implants abroad are cheaper
dental implants abroad are cheaper

Why are dental implants cheaper abroad? – Is the standard of dentistry affected?

Even though the dental implantologists here with Dental Holiday are very highly trained and sought out, they do not face many of the pressures that UK dentists face. At our base in Slovakia, dental implants can be bought in bulk at a better rate from the suppliers, the monthly rent of the dental clinics are less, the dental staff wages are less, the dental laboratory costs are less, and their dental patient load is much less compared to that of UK dentists.

Therefore an implant dentist in Slovakia, Poland or Hungary for example, can be content doing just 4-6 large dental cases per day, as opposed to the pressure of 10’s of dental patients with less extensive dental work to be done as the case is with many NHS dentists in the UK.

In general, you can expect to save 50-70% on the price your would pay for dental implant treatment in the UK.

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