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World Federation for lasers Dentistry

Welcome to the 12th congress of the World Federation for lasers Dentistry (WFLD) in Dubai 2010.
We are the membership organisation representing the speciality of the laser-applied dentistry worldwilde. The WFLD is structured into five major divisions- the North American, South American, European, Middle East and Africa, and the Asian Pacific division. Within these five divisions a number of national societies and individual members are incorporated.

The mission of our society is to stimulate the research in the different fields of laser-applied dentistry, to coordinate long-term clinical studies using lasers as main instrument during the treatment, and to establish an educational foundation for dentists who are intending to use or are already using lasers in their daily treatments.

Furthermore it is my intention to support the integration of national dental laser societies in their national dental associations, in order to promote the beneficial use of lasers in the different dental disciplines.

The scientific strength of the WFLD is the huge worldwide network of universities, institutes and specialists working in the different research areas of laser dentistry. The strength of private practitioners, being member of the WFLD, is to be supported by evidence based treatment concepts, which have been developed by a team of WFLD specialists.

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