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You can have a charming smile like this young lady too!

Patient with her new teeth

This young lady had a few teeth missing for more than 10 years. She was also suffering from gum disease and teeth discolouration. So, she sent us an e-mail and booked an appointment with us. Our patient manager Natalie arranged everything to help this patient with her dental holiday – not only did she book the doctor for the treatment but she also arranged driver pick up and drop off at the airport and accommodation during her visit.

Our patient flew to Vienna airport from Edinburgh and came to our Bratislava dental clinic in February for the first time. After the initial free-of-charge consultation she received the treatment plan. The plan contained 3 titanium dental implants for her lower jaw (LL5, LL6 and LR6) and one titanium dental implant and a bone graft for her UR5. To help the patient achieve a great looking smile the doctor also put into the plan 15 zirconium dental crowns.

We started with the surgery later that afternoon. Dr. Martin successfully put 4 dental implants into the patient’s mouth. We provided temporary healing abutments to the patient free of charge so no one would notice that she is in the middle of a dental procedure. The patient went back home to the UK for 5 months so the jaw would have enough time to heal.

She came back to Slovakia in June. Dr. Robert from Pieštany dental clinic continued with the treatment. Piešťany is a lovely spa city just 70km away from Bratislava. We have had our second dental clinic with experienced staff there for more than 10 years. Dr. Robert did root canal treatment and reshaped her natural teeth to get them ready for dental crowns. In the end of this visit he took impressions of her reshaped teeth.

Just one floor under Dr. Robert’s office is our specialized dental laboratory where dental technicians make all dental crowns and bridges for our patients.

Patient´s X ray after the treatment has been completed
Patient´s X ray after the treatment has been completed

Now the patient has 19 new teeth – 4 dental implants with implant crowns and 15 dental crowns. If you are suffering from similar problems, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail and tell us about your problems and expectations. We will get back to you within 24 hours and send you estimates of treatment costs.

We are sure we can help you achieve beautiful and healthy smile again 🙂 It´s time for Dental Holiday!