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“You have changed my life and I want to give you a big thank you for that!”

Patient´s brand new smile with dental implants and dental crowns
Patient´s brand new smile with dental implants and dental crowns
Patient’s brand new smile

Mr. Ladislav visited us for the first time at the end of March 2017, just a few days after his 50th birthday. At this time he was living and working in Germany. His wish was to have all his remaining teeth extracted and replaced with dental implants and dental crowns to achieve a beautiful and natural looking smile. During the free, personal consultation with the implantologist we made an X-ray and CT scan for him and Dr. Marek recommended the All on 6 treatment for his upper jaw and lower jaw.

Patient´s new teeth
Patient’s new teeth

Ladislav decided to undergo the treatment while asleep. If a patient wants to have general anesthetics, he has to visit his GP to run several blood tests and examinations of his overall health to make sure he is suitable for the surgery.

When Ladislav came to the dental clinic in September for the surgery, an experienced anesthesiologist put him to sleep painlessly. He was watched by the anesthesiologist during the whole surgery. Before the dentist could fit the implants, he had to extract 7 remaining roots of his natural teeth and do the bone graft, so the jaw would have enough bone mass to support the implants. After he did this, he was able to fit 6 dental implants in the patient’s lower jaw and 6 dental implants to his upper jaw – so the patient has full reconstruction on both jaws.

X-ray BEFORE the treatment
X-ray BEFORE the treatment
X-ray DURING the procedure
X-ray DURING the procedure
X-ray AFTER the procedure has been completed
X-ray AFTER the procedure

The patient was provided with temporary fixed dentures so no one would notice his missing teeth. Patients with temporary dental bridges are able to carry on with their everyday life without any major restrictions.

Mr. Ladislav came to our clinic two more times. On the second visit we took the impressions of his jaw and sent them to our specialized in-house dental laboratory, where our dental technicians prepare all dental prosthetic for our patients.

On his final visit we fit his final bridge to both his jaws. These fixed bridges are sitting on 6 dental implants. Ladislav left our clinic with a wide smile and he left us this pleasant testimonial:

Translation of Ladislav’s testimonial:

Patient´s testimonial in Slovak language
Ladislav’s testimonial in Slovak

Dear Dr. Mark Salka! Dear team!

I don’t now how can I express my thanks to you. I’m emotionally touched and I admire the phenomenal work of Dr. Mark and his whole fantastic team. 

Thank you very very much and I wish everything good to all of you and your families!

You have changed my life and I want to give you a big thank you for that.



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