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Considering replacing your missing teeth with dental implants abroad?

Join over 13,000+ Brits who made the safer choice of dental implant clinic abroad.

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Same Visit Full Mouth Dental Implant Treatments


Dental Implants Successfully Placed


Purpose-built, Fully Modernized Dental Implant Clinics
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Dental implant specialists, surgeons, dentists, nurses, technicians and care support team

Multi-year award-winning & internationally accredited dental implant clinic
15+ Years

Creating Improved Lives For Patients From The UK with Full Arch Dental Implant Restorations

Discover the only specialised dental implant clinic in central Europe for all-on-4, all-on-6, and full-mouth dental implants.

Whether you have dentures or failing teeth, Dental Holiday allows you to walk away with a new smile and renewed confidence on the same day.

Dental implants are pivotal elements in a durable alternative to dentures, loose, decayed, or missing teeth. They can often be conveniently placed in a single appointment at Dental Holiday.

Dental implants are often confused with a full arch of veneers or crowns, or incorrectly called “dental impants” or “tooth screws” instead.

Full mouth reconstruction is also called teeth-in-a-day, same-day-smile, smile-in-a-day, full jaw dental implants, full mouth dental implants and all-on-four dental implants. This is typically a one-piece, full arch of 10-14 tooth crowns formed into a bridge, to secure your new smile to 4 to 6 dental implants per jaw, allowing you to smile, eat, and socialise confidently again.

Solutions to replace any British teeth:

We perform advanced dental implantology on some of the most challenging cases daily, even with patients who have previously been told they are unsuitable for dental implants or have insufficient bone to support them.
It’s safe to say that we consider ourselves dental implant experts.

“I can smile now in photographs” … “I can eat anything I want again” … “My grandchildren don’t laugh at my teeth anymore”,… “I don’t have to hold my hand in front of my mouth in restaurants” … “my mouth no longer smells” … these are just some of the words of our “influencers” – people like you who chose dental Holiday for their dental implants abroad, and radically changed their quality of life – how will your life change for the better?

Here’s a small selection of our “influencers” – of course, we only use actual patients in our testimonials – no fake teeth cover guys and gals for us because you’re the stars in our eyes 🙂

We can transform your smile in just one day.

When you opt for full mouth implants at our clinic, you will walk out with permanent, fixed teeth on the same day. We never rely on temporary dentures.

At Dental Holiday, we take pride in our ability to design and create a custom, one-piece, screw-retained prosthesis in our on-site laboratories. This allows us to complete the entire process, from start to finish, on the day of your surgery.

Here’s a glance at your 1st visit for dental implant treatment with us:

Dental implant surgeries typically start in the late morning. You’ll proceed to the treatment room, where, under sedation and without discomfort, one of our senior dental implant surgeons will remove any remaining teeth and place your dental implants. This process typically takes about 2 hours per jaw.

Post-treatment, you’ll be guided back to your private suite to unwind and recuperate. During this period, your clinician and our lab team will be crafting your unique initial prosthesis in our on-site dental lab.

Later in the afternoon, you’ll return to the treatment room to have your new bridgework fitted by your chairside technician. You’ll leave with your first set of brand-new fixed teeth. Over the subsequent weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to adjust to your new smile before returning for your final set.

Every year, we welcome thousands of patients who trust us to replace their dentures and recreate their smiles and teeth with dental implant-supported bridgework.

We’ve created full-mouth reconstructions with the same team since 2007, using the latest advancements in dental implant brands, technology, and supporting materials.

Our focus over these 15 years has been to recreate or replace the teeth of anyone who needs them with dental implants, with patients flying into us from England, Wales, Scotland, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Canada & Norway. Our expertise lies in full-mouth teeth replacement, so we do not provide general or cosmetic dental services like tooth extractions without dental implants, standalone crowns, veneers, or fillings.

Did you know that you can

Get your full-mouth, same-day dental implants in the only UK award-winning, internationally accredited specialist dental implant clinic abroad, accessible within 2 hours from 8+ UK airports.

We specialise exclusively in same-day, full-mouth dental implants abroad.

That’s all we do.

The Dental Holiday Team

Dental Implant Experts

Our growing clinical, laboratory and administration team is made up of more than 40 dental implant surgeons, dental implant specialists, dental hygienists, nurses, dental implant technicians, treatment coordinators, accountants, patient advisors and receptionists with the sole goal of attaining the highest success and satisfaction rates of dental implant patients in Europe and beyond.

Purpose-built implant clinics

Our 2 modernized dental implant clinics situated at Bratislava and Piešťany Spa offer wheelchair access and are equipped with the latest 3D CT and digital imaging for successful dental implant placements, supported by our on-site digital implant laboratory so that any adjustments to your final teeth can be made immediately without extra visits or waiting time.

TLC – the personal touch

A full-mouth smile makeover can make a world of difference for someone. It can boost their confidence, change their appearance, and even improve their health. And we believe everyone deserves to feel happy and confident with their smile.

That’s why we offer our English-speaking clients luxury smile makeovers through this Dental Holiday website. We ensure their dental implant treatment is highly tailored to their needs and desires.


At Dental Holiday, we take pride in creating beautiful, full-mouth smiles for our patients. Our team of highly skilled dental professionals has treated over 3,000 patients with dental implants since 2006, and we have built a reputation for excellence in our field throughout Europe.

with over 500+ online reviews from our dental implant patients

We’re convinced we can help you, even if your dentist doesn’t recommend having dental implants abroad.

  • Are you suffering from failing or missing teeth?
  • Have you ever been told that false teeth or a denture is your only solution?
  • Has your dentist told you dental implants aren’t suitable for your particular case because you don’t have enough bone?
  • Have you had dental work done in the past, for example, tooth bridges or crowns that are starting to fail?
  • Can’t decide if having dental implants abroad is the right decision for you?

Just a 2-hour flight from your choice of 5 UK airports…

Multiple past patients claimed that their journey to us was:

“cheaper, quicker and less hassle than getting the train or driving down the M25 and parking in the center of London”

Seven UK airports fly directly to Bratislava or Vienna airport so that you can be with us in a little over 2 hours.

As our valued patient, one of our team members will be waiting at the airport for you, holding their “Dental Holiday” sign. They will walk with you to our dental clinic or have one of our drivers drop you off at your arranged accommodation (depending on when you arrive).

We recommend you travel with a family member or friend, which often makes the journey easier. Even if they are not having dental treatment abroad with us, they can still use our free clinic transfer service with you.

SmileMinimum™Smile CompleteSmile Premium
Lower jaw€6,990€9,990€13,490
Upper jaw€6,990€9,990€13,490
Both jaws€13,980€19,980€26,980
See our dental implant abroad pricing page for a detailed description of each all-on-4, all-on6, and all-on-x dental implant restorations.

All-Inclusive Dental Implant Treatment Costs

We’re proud to offer some of the most competitive prices for full arch dental implants abroad for our patients from the UK, as this is our core focus of dentistry.

Our dental implant procedures and the Dental Holiday Implant patient journey are not offered elsewhere in Europe. Our unique approach to replacing an entire arch of teeth ensures that the process of having your new smile done with us is as stress-free, pain-free and cost-effective as possible.

The costs of your dental implant treatments are split up into 2 easy payments:

70 % of the dental implant treatment plan is paid before you start on the day of your surgery, and the remaining 30% is paid after the final bridgework has been fitted.

Benefit from scheduling a discovery call with one of our expert treatment coordinators

Suppose you’re seriously considering going abroad to have your dental implants done. In that case, a discovery call with us will allow us to answer any questions, find out if you are suitable for having dental implants abroad, and, of course, the exact costs and time involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Advised by a dentist that having dental implants abroad isn’t a good idea? Watch our series of videos where the Dental Holiday team answers questions from our patients.

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