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All-On-Four Dental Implants Abroad

All-on-four and all-on-six dental implants provide a durable remedy for missing or deteriorating teeth. By employing four to six screws and a meticulously crafted fixed full-arch dental implant, your smile’s aesthetics are revitalized, and your dental functionality is fully restored.

What is the all-on-four procedure?

Achieving a lasting solution might prove impossible if you are dealing with tooth loss, battling uncomfortable dentures, or have had an unsuccessful dental bridge. But, with our advanced alternative to all-on-four dental implants, you can benefit from completely restoring your smile using just four to six dental implants to anchor the porcelain bridgework permanently.

Dental implant treatments like the all-on-four help those with failing teeth regain a confident, healthy smile.

Our unique clinics and in-house dental lab allow us to design, produce, and fit completely custom, screw-retained bridgework all on the same day, giving you a new smile in a day.

Patient Transformations

Here are a few of our Dental Holiday transformation patients. We only use actual patients in all of our marketing.

Getting your smile back in just one day abroad

Our dental implant procedure enables our patients to regain a robust, functioning smile. We do not provide temporary dentures – instead, we create, craft, and install a completely tailor-made, screw-retained prosthesis exclusively for you.

Our distinctive clinic design and internal labs enable us to complete the treatment, design your prosthesis, and fit it all within a single day. This means you can walk out with a brand new ‘smile-in-a-day’.

Here’s a glance at your patient schedule:


Our dental implant surgeries for our UK patients typically start in the morning. You’ll proceed to the treatment room, where, under sedation and without discomfort, one of our senior dental implant surgeons will remove any remaining teeth and place your dental implants. This process typically takes about 2 hours per jaw.


Post-treatment, you’ll be guided back to your private suite to unwind and recuperate. During this period, your clinician and our lab team will be crafting your unique initial prosthesis in our on-site dental lab.

Late afternoon

Later in the afternoon, you’ll return to the treatment room to have your new bridgework fitted by your chairside technician. You’ll leave with your first set of brand-new fixed teeth. Over the subsequent weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to adjust to your new smile before returning for your final set.

Who can take advantage of all-on-four dental implants?

Have you ever been informed by a dentist that you are not a suitable candidate for dental implants? If so, our advanced alternative to the all-on-4 procedure may be just the right answer to your concerns.

Do you:

  • Experience loose or deteriorating teeth?
  • Struggle with an ill-fitting denture that limits your eating and speaking abilities?
  • Have several missing teeth?
  • Prefer an alternative to dentures?

If of the above resonates with you, we’d love to hear your thoughts. We’re confident that our advanced alternative to all-on-4 dental implants can provide numerous benefits, such as the freedom to enjoy any food, teeth to be proud of, and increased self-assurance.

What Dental Holiday patients are saying about us:

We welcome you to read some of our most recent Dental Holiday patient reviews. 99% of our reviews are 5* stars from real patients who have had their lives changed at our clinic.

Burkhardt VossBurkhardt Voss
15:14 30 Jan 24
I have to thank the team at the Smiley Clinic for doing a marvelous job in reconstructing my teeth. My teeth are gorges now and the bite is just out of comparison from my previous gum bites with irritated gums. Thank you so much again. You made my eating a complete different experience.I owe you a lot. Thanks Dr. Marek and the very professional team at the Smiley Clink.
Sean-Paul HodgesSean-Paul Hodges
13:03 03 Jul 23
Having a complete smile makeover and regaining full use of your teeth is no small deal. It's a HUGE deal and there are lots of clinics which claim to be able to offer this service. I had done extensive research on this procedure and decided to visit three clinics - two in Hungary and Smile Clinic in Slovakia. Both clinics in Hungary said that I had insufficient bone structure and to be honest, gave me no sense of patient care whatsoever.The team in Bratislava, led by Dr Kafka, were completely the opposite. From the moment you are met at the airport by Dano, they made me feel extremely welcome, didn't judge and when Dr Kafka did my initial consultation and explained what he would do, I almost burst into tears (of relief). He gave me an absolute level of confidence straight away and Katarina prepared a treatment plan for me. She also talked me through every step, answered all of my questions and has been my patient coordinator right through to the end.Three months later, I was back in the Bratislava clinic and Dr Kafka did the surgery to remove all of my remaining teeth, perform 2 sinus lifts, undertake gum recontouring and insert 12 implants (6 top and 6 bottom) - plus the fitting of my provisional set of crowns. This surgery is usually done by Dr Marek in Piestany, but due to scheduling, I had it done in Bratislava. Dr Kafka and his team made me feel comfortable at every step of the way and once the injections were done, I felt no pain whatsoever (I only felt sensations and pressure, but definitely no pain).Straight away, I had a set of crowns which were a vast improvement on what I had before and these lasted me until my next two visits in Piestany with Dr Marek, 4 months later. The two visits consisted of creating impressions for the final crowns / arches and then the final fitting and adjustment of the permanent crowns. Once again, Dr Marek and his team gave me utter confidence and made me feel very welcome.Words simply are not enough to describe how happy I was after the final fitting and I cannot thank Dr Kafka, Dr Marek, Katarina, Michaela, Dano and the entire team for everything they have done.To be able to smile again, talk with confidence and eat with ease is TRULY life changing. It is a fraction of the cost of the same procedure in the UK and this kind of work is what they do, day in and day out. If you are even considering this kind of treatment, I would urge you to have a consultation. You will be in extremely safe hands.
Jane CoultonJane Coulton
09:54 07 Jun 23
Fantastic clinic - beats anywhere I’ve been in the uk
Caitriona FordCaitriona Ford
12:13 25 Oct 22
The clinic is amazing . Beautiful and hygiene is clearly paramount. The staff are fantastic everybody you meet from arrival to finish are exceptionally friendly and professional. Always an amazing experience here at piestany
Jeannie NolanJeannie Nolan
11:05 21 Oct 22
We have been coming to the smile clinic for 12 years and have the best smile ever at an affordable price .. treatment we could never afford in the UK ...the professional team are amazing..friendly..helpful ..kind...Danno the courier collects you to and from the airport ..and the dental surgeon Marek is meticulous and kind hearted and has all the latest technology and techniques...your panoramic x-ray is free every time ..We highly recommend you come to Slovakia and Piestany ..this beautiful relaxing Spa Town ...RyanAir flys into Bratislava from most UK airports...come and see for yourself...the consultation is free!!!Jeannie and Paul Nolan UK.
noeline clayfieldnoeline clayfield
17:35 23 Sep 22
I am from the UK and have just completed my treatment with Dr Marek. I have had 2 implants, 5 crowns and 3 fillings to my teeth. I am very happy with the professional treatment and totally recommend the Smile Dental Clinic to anybody. I am happy to discuss my treatment with anybody. I particularly reassure anyone who like me and elderly decided after research to trust the clinic. I am so delighted with the result! I stayed in pleasant accommodation recommended by the clinic. Picked up from airport by Daniel and delivered to the clinic and returned to airport after my treatment was fantastic as I was unfamiliar with the country and language. English is spoken by all staff. Lovely people and totally professional. Thank you to all at Piestany Clinic!
Tanya WebsterTanya Webster
07:44 01 Aug 22
To give you an idea of just how nervous I was, I had not been to a dentist since I was 24. I am now 47!!!!My husband had a lot of work done in 2014 by this dentist (Merrick) and was extremely happy so I decided to give it a go.They have been amazing. They managed the whole process taking away any anxiety.I had an enormous amount of work, 20 crowns!!!I am so happy with the outcome and the way they looked after me. I can not recommend them highly enough.
Lisa HarmonLisa Harmon
14:37 02 Dec 21
Excellent dentist had upper jaw back in 2019 am back for lower jaw would like to thank Mark and his team for the excellent service and for the super hotel you have put me in ...I have been to many dentists in the UK but money was there goal not my healthI can't thank you all enoughI can finally smile and hold a conversion in confidence I would also like to thank Daniel the driver he is a real asset
Kelvin SummoogumKelvin Summoogum
13:26 12 Oct 21
I have been a customer of the clinic since 2009 and the past few years I witnessed how much the team put so much effort to make the experience at the clinic an absolute delight. The level of attention to detail and professionalism is remarkable and the best I have experienced this far. I travel a lot and have a lot of dentistry work done due to my receding gum. I couldn't recommend Daniel, Mark and the rest of the crew enough. You just glide through the process, from the airport pickup, to the hotel and it is a very quick flight from England as well. Price is very affordable as well and you get to have a holiday at the same time in the very traditional SPA town of Piestany.

All-on-four Dental Implants FAQs

While general anaesthesia isn’t utilized during tooth extraction and the placement of dental implants, local anaesthesia is employed. If you’re anxious, you can also choose to be sedated. We provide two kinds of sedation:

Oral sedation – this is mixed with water and consumed shortly before the procedure. It can be combined with local anaesthesia.

Intravenous sedation – this is administered through a needle in the arm and used alongside local anaesthesia.

Regardless of your option, you’ll still be able to communicate with the implantologists, facilitating accurate implant placement effectively.

Dental Holiday specializes in delivering comprehensive dental implant solutions, including full jaw (upper, lower, or both) implants and single, multiple, or hybrid dental implant and cosmetic dentistry services. Our team boasts high specialization in all dental implant procedures. Over the years, our clinic and team have continuously evolved to provide an outstanding, patient-centric service for all dental implant procedures from our distinct location in Poland.

If you’re contemplating rejuvenating your smile with dental implants, we encourage you to arrange a discovery call to explore your alternatives. Our team will invest time in comprehending your requirements and present you with a customized treatment plan that aligns with your budget and objectives.

Don’t allow missing teeth to undermine your confidence and oral health. Reach out to us today to uncover more about our dental implant solutions and how we can assist you in attaining a healthy, radiant smile you can take pride in.

At Dental Holiday, we recognize that the prospect of wearing temporary dentures can be a source of concern for many patients, which is why we offer an alternative solution.

Instead of supplying temporary dentures, we initially equip you with custom-made temporary bridgework. This will be your solution for roughly 12 weeks while your dental implants undergo complete healing. This provisional bridgework is engineered to be comfortable and look natural, enabling you to eat and speak with ease during the healing process.

Once your dental implants have fully healed, we invite you back to our clinic for the fitting of your final, personalized new bridgework. Our dental experts will collaborate with you to devise a tailored treatment plan that caters to your specific needs and ensures the most favourable outcome.

At Dental Holiday, our commitment lies in delivering superior patient care and treatment. So, if you’re searching for a comfortable and effective answer to missing teeth, we encourage you to arrange a consultation with us to explore your options.

We’re pleased to inform you that we can typically determine your eligibility for dental implants during our initial discovery call.

In order to evaluate your suitability for dental implants, we require certain information like an X-ray or CBCT scan, a treatment plan from a different clinic, or images. Our team, comprised of experienced dental professionals specialising in dental implant procedures, is confident that we can devise a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs.

If you’re found to be an unsuitable candidate for dental implants, we’ll leverage our expert knowledge to suggest alternative treatment options that may better suit your circumstances. At Dental Holiday, we are committed to delivering top-notch patient care and treatment. We’ll accompany you throughout the process to ensure you attain a healthy and confident smile.

Don’t let the absence of teeth compromise your lifestyle. Get in touch with us today to arrange your discovery call and embark on the journey towards a radiant and healthy smile that you can take pride in!

Frequently Asked Questions

Advised by a dentist that having dental implants abroad isn’t a good idea? Watch our series of videos where the Exclusive Dental Studio team answers questions from our patients.

Why choose Dental Holiday for your dental implants?

Which doctors will perform my dental implant treatment at Dental Holiday?

What special dental implant facilities do you have at Dental Holiday?

What added services do we provide to our dental implant patients from abroad?

What do our dental implant patients say about their experience with us?

How does Dental Holiday compare to other dental implant clinics at home & abroad?

Just a 2-hour flight from your choice of 9 UK airports…

Multiple past patients claimed that their journey to us was:

“actually cheaper, quicker and less hassle than getting the train or driving down the M25 and parking in the center of London”

Nine UK airports fly directly to Bratislava or Vienna airport so you can be with us in a little over 2 hours.

As our valued patient, one of our complimentary drivers will be waiting at the airport for you, holding their “Dental Holiday” sign. They will pick you up and drop you off at the dental clinic or your arranged accommodation (depending on when you arrive). Our drivers pick up and drop off any day, any time, and even on weekends.

We also return you from the clinic or your local accommodation free of charge to ensure that your trip to us is as hassle-free as possible.

We recommend you travel with a family member or friend, which often makes the journey easier. Even if they are not having dental treatment abroad with us, they can still use our free clinic transfer service with you.

Our Dental Implant Clinics

Bratislava International Airport

Smile Clinic International, Bratislava Airport, Blok C, Ovocne Sady 61-131 Bratislava, Slovakia

Get Directions

Open for appointments and enquires
Monday to Friday: 8 AM – 4 PM

+421 949 007 180

Piešťany Spa

Implant Clinic, Teplicka Ulica 84, Piešťany 92101 Slovakia

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Open for appointments and enquires
Monday to Friday: 8 AM – 4 PM

+421 949 007 179

Are you considering dental implants?

We believe that everyone deserves the ability to smile confidently and enjoy a fully functional set of teeth. That’s why we’ve put in considerable effort to ensure our pricing is affordable and transparent, with no hidden charges.

Additionally, we offer flexible financing options to make our services more accessible.

Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly Patient Coordinators for further information. They are always ready to assist you.

Smile Minimum™

€6,990 Lower Jaw
€6,990 Upper Jaw
€13,980 Both Jaws

Smile Complete™

€9,900 Lower Jaw
€9,900 Upper Jaw
€19,980 Both Jaws

Smile Premium™

€13,490 Lower Jaw
€13,490 Upper Jaw
€26,980 Both Jaws

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