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Terms & Conditions

Dental Holiday Payment Terms and Other Costs

  • Payment must be made in full before commencing treatment.
    • If paying by Card / Cash – payment must be made before your treatment commences on-site at the clinic.
    • Payment must be received 5 days before the next appointment if paid by Bank Transfer.
  • Additional appointments may incur a fee if added at the patient’s discretion.
  • Additional appointments may be necessary to achieve the desired result, but no compensation for travel or loss of earnings will be offered.
  • Replacement bridgework for smile minimum costs €1,500.
  • Prices include VAT and remain valid for 2 months from the date of the treatment plan.
  • The treatment plan cost with Dental Holiday relates only to treatment plans completed with Dental Holiday. Additional fees may apply if the dental treatment is discontinued with Dental Holiday and continued with another dental clinic.
  • Contact your designated treatment coordinator for cost-related queries.

The Dental Holiday Guarantee

Dental Holiday offers guarantees to provide patients with peace of mind for their investment in their teeth.
However, due to the unpredictable nature of any medical treatment, these dental treatment guarantees are subject to strict terms and conditions, which you are advised to read thoroughly before starting a dental implant treatment plan with Dental Holiday.

Smile Minimum™ – Guarantee Conditions


  • Replacement bridgework for smile minimum costs €1,500.

Dental Implants: 2 years

  • Replacement issues include implant failure due to component fractures, infection, impaired healing, natural rejection, and other factors.

Annual Check Up Appointments:

  • Routine Maintenance appointments cost €112.50 per appointment.
  • Diagnostics scans during the appointment or hygiene appointments must be paid for.
  • Attendance in the specified month is critical.
  • Failure to attend may result in increased annual maintenance costs.

Smile Complete™ – Guarantee

Bridgework & Crowns: 3 Years

  • Issues include fractured bridgework & crowns.

Dental Implants: 10 years

  • Replacement issues include implant failure due to component fractures, infection, impaired healing, natural rejection, and other factors.

Annual Check Up Appointments:

  • Annual diagnostic check-ups are free of charge; any diagnostics scans done during the appointment or hygiene appointments must be paid for.
  • Attendance in the specified month is critical.

Smile Premium™ – Guarantee

Bridgework & Crowns: 5 Years

  • EDS will remediate at no cost if any biological issues occur within 3 years.
  • Biological issues include implant failure due to infection, impaired healing, natural rejection, and other factors.
  • Iatrogenic failure, including poor angulation and alignment, is not covered.

Dental Implant Components: Lifetime

  • EDS will remediate at no cost if there are any mechanical issues within 5 years.
  • Mechanical issues include prosthetic and implant component fractures.
  • Normal wear and tear is not covered.

Annual Check-Up Appointments:

  • The first 10 Routine Maintenance appointments are free.
  • Annual diagnostic check-ups are free of charge; any diagnostics scans done during the appointment or hygiene appointments must be paid for.
  • Attendance in the specified month is critical.

Dental Holiday Treatment Plans – Patient Suitability Criteria

  • Patients must read and sign all Dental Holiday consent documentation provided.
  • Patients must be medically fit for treatment. Sometimes, a general doctor’s pre-operational certificate may be required before surgery.
  • Patients must have expectations aligned with what is anatomically and biologically possible.
  • Patients must be psychologically ready for full jaw reconstruction.
  • Patients must have a level of dental disease appropriate for treatment.
  • Patients must not be smokers.
  • Patients must not have severe dental phobias or a compromised medical status that could affect predictability and performance.

Dental Holiday Treatment Plans – Guarantee Terms & Conditions

Patient Commitments

  • Patients must follow the Dental Holidays clinical team’s advice and judgement.
  • Patients must maintain a high standard of home care, oral hygiene, and maintenance techniques.
  • Patients must adhere to the treatment plan timeframe and not deviate from the Dental Holiday treatment plan suggested timelines.
  • Patients must attend all annual check-up appointments.
  • Patients must not allow any dental care professional (other than a Dental Holiday team member) to touch or adjust Dental Holiday temporary or permanent bridgework or crowns without written request and consent.
  • Patients must provide complete and accurate medical history and contact details.
  • Outstanding treatment costs must be paid if treatment is discontinued or delayed before completion.

Dental Holiday Treatment Plans – Guarantee Exclusions

  • Smokers are not covered.
  • Patients with an outstanding balance on their account are not covered.
  • Damage from further dental treatment, opposing jaw treatment, accidental damage/undue care, and illness are not covered.
  • Patients who have taken steroids for a prolonged period are not covered.
  • Patients who finish treatment at a different dental practice are not eligible for coverage.
  • If medication is prescribed by a doctor at Dental Holiday and the patient chooses not to use it, they are not covered.
  • Annual implant check-up reviews do not replace existing dental check-ups for the patient’s remaining natural teeth on the opposing side of their mouth.

Our Commitment to Our Dental Holiday Patients

Dental Holiday will provide patients with a full diagnostic consultation and treatment plan. Patients must sign a consent document before treatment commences. All Dental Holiday surgeons are registered with the Dental Council in Slovakia and are fully insured. Dental Holiday will provide detailed aftercare instructions at each stage of treatment. Treatment may take longer than estimated, and additional appointments may be necessary.

Appointment Rescheduling and Cancellations

  • Consultation or check-up appointments must be rescheduled or cancelled at least two working days before the appointment.
  • Treatment appointments must be rescheduled or cancelled a minimum of five working days before the appointment.
  • Failure to notify within the specified period may result in a cancellation fee.
  • Clinical Assessment appointments are free of charge. However, the current OPG x-ray, CBCT scan, or dental hygiene appointment fee must be paid beforehand to pre-authorise the appointment slot.
  • Late arrivals may result in the appointment being offered to another patient.

Problems or Urgent Queries

Patients must contact Dental Holiday by phone if they have any questions, concerns, or queries about pain, discomfort, or signs of infection. Patients must not contact their general dentist or a dentist from another clinic. Emergency appointments must be arranged by phone.

Treatment Plan Timeframes

Treatment timeframes are estimated, and treatment may take longer than expected. Additional appointments may be necessary, and Dental Holiday does not compensate for any additional appointments.

Clinical Information

Dental Holiday works with rich data to provide patients with optimum outcomes. Patients must sign a consent document before treatment commences.

Anaesthesia and Sedation

We use local anaesthesia for all surgical treatments instead of general anaesthesia. We also offer two types of sedation for patients who feel anxious or nervous:

  • Oral Sedation: This is medication dissolved in water you take before and during the procedure. It can be used with local anaesthetic.
  • Intravenous Sedation (IV): This is given through a needle in your arm and can also be used with local anaesthetic.

Both options allow you to stay awake and communicate with the dental implant surgeons and team. However, they can also create an amnesic effect, which means you may not remember the procedure even though you are awake.


Success rates

Implant surgery is complex, and there is no way to predict or guarantee long-term success. However, our internal data shows that success rates are typically around 95%.

As with any medical or surgical treatment, there are benefits and risks associated with implant surgery. During your clinical assessment, we will explain these to you. Gum or bone healing cannot be predicted accurately, so if the implants fail to integrate, it usually occurs 4-6 months after placement and is associated with natural rejection by the body’s immune system.

There is a risk of failure of implant components, PMMA restorations, and a possibility of bone loss and gum shrinkage. During extractions and implant procedures, there is also a risk of nerve damage, which can lead to numbness or tingling. This usually resolves quickly, although occasionally it takes longer, and only rarely is it permanent.

Implants and restorations are subject to wear and tear and may need replacement depending on the amount of wear.

In the upper jaw, sinus perforation is at risk, which can lead to sinusitis.

Patients who have diabetes or take certain medications are at an increased risk of implant failure. Smoking also reduces the success rates of implants by 30% and increases the risk of post-surgery discomfort. Therefore, smokers must quit before starting treatment at Dental Holiday.

Oral hygiene is essential to maintain the success of implants. You must follow your aftercare and home care instructions and advice to give your implants the best chance of success. If you do not maintain good oral hygiene, there is a chance that your implants will fail.

Dental Holiday – Benefits

  • Smile with confidence
  • No bone grafting or sinus lifts are required.
  • Extremely high success rates
  • It feels more natural than false teeth.
  • Very stable. Speak without the embarrassment of false teeth moving about.
  • There is no inconvenience or cost of glueing your false teeth.
  • Very comfortable. No gum irritation
  • Eat what you want to eat, and chew easily. Improved diet and health
  • Improved speech. No lisping
  • Cost-effective over the long term

Dental Holiday – Implant Component Materials

Dental Holiday utilizes dental implant components produced by esteemed manufacturers Neodent and Straumann, constructed from durable titanium alloy. These components adhere to stringent quality standards, ensuring their longevity and compatibility with the human body. The titanium used is of grade 23, widely recognized for its excellent biocompatibility, strength, and resistance to corrosion. This material is particularly beneficial for patients, as it promotes osseointegration, where the implant successfully bonds with the jawbone, providing a stable and secure foundation for the prosthetic teeth.

Furthermore, the alloy incorporates trace elements of aluminium (6%) and vanadium (4%), enhancing its mechanical properties and ensuring its resilience under various conditions. These additions contribute to the alloy’s overall performance, making it a preferred choice in dental implants.

Manufactured to comply with ISO 13485 specifications, the components from Neodent and Straumann ensure conformity to international quality management standards specific to the medical device industry. This certification underscores the manufacturers’ commitment to upholding the highest product quality, safety, and efficiency standards, instilling confidence in patients and dental practitioners.

By choosing Dental Holiday, patients opt for reliable, high-performance dental implant solutions backed by industry-leading technology and a steadfast commitment to quality.

Dental Holiday – The Three Bridgework Options.

The bridgework and crowns fitted by Dental Holiday are manufactured on their own on-site digital dental laboratories to high standards and adhere to directives. Dental Holiday provides patients with three implant-retained bridgework options: Minimum, Complete and Premium.

X-rays, CBCT Scans, Photos, and Video/Audio Files

All data collected is confidential and used in-house only. Patients are asked for written permission by Dental Holiday to take and use photographs before dental treatment begins. All X-rays and CBCT scans, photographs and video material remain the property of Dental Holiday.

Discontinuing a Dental Holiday Treatment Plan.

Both patients and Dental Holiday hold the right to discontinue or interrupt a treatment plan at any time. Still, a patient is advised not to discontinue the treatment plan unless recommended by a member of the Dental Holiday team, as the patient will become responsible for all the medical risks and complications that can occur with not completing the treatment plan with Dental Holiday, and any guarantees provided by Dental Holiday become invalid as soon as the treatment plan is interrupted, or annual check-up appointments are not kept.

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