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What are Dental Implant Smile Solutions when done abroad?

Dental implants form the fundamental elements of a durable solution to replace dentures, loose, decayed, absent or deteriorating teeth. They can be effortlessly placed in a single visit to Dental Holiday.

3 dental implant smile solutions to choose from
8-14 Lower Teeth
Fixed permanent teeth in one day of treatment
8-14 Upper Teeth
4-6 Teeth Shades to choose from
4-6 Implants Per Jaw
Neodent By Straumann Dental Implants
Lifetime Implant Guarantee included

Yes, while general anaesthesia isn’t utilized during tooth extraction and the placement of dental implants, local anaesthesia is employed. If you’re anxious, you can also choose to be sedated. We provide two kinds of sedation:

Oral sedation – this is mixed with water and consumed shortly before the procedure. It can be combined with local anaesthesia.

Intravenous sedation – this is administered through a needle in the arm and used alongside local anaesthesia.

Regardless of your option, you’ll still be able to communicate with the implantologists, facilitating accurate implant placement effectively.

Dental Holiday delivers comprehensive dental implant solutions, including full jaw (upper, lower, or both) dental implants and single, multiple, or hybrid dental implant and cosmetic dentistry services. Our team boasts high specialization in all dental implant procedures. Over the years, our clinic and team have continuously evolved to provide an outstanding, patient-centric service for all dental implant procedures from our distinct airport location in Bratislava, Slovakia.

If you’re contemplating rejuvenating your smile with dental implants, we encourage you to arrange a discovery call to explore your alternatives. Our team will invest time in comprehending your requirements and present you with a customized treatment plan that aligns with your budget and objectives.

Don’t allow missing teeth to undermine your confidence and oral health. Reach out to us today to uncover more about our dental implant solutions and how we can assist you in attaining a healthy, radiant smile you can take pride in.

At Dental Holiday, we recognize that the prospect of wearing temporary dentures can be a source of concern for many patients, which is why we offer an alternative solution.

Instead of supplying temporary dentures, we initially equip you with custom-made temporary bridgework. This will be your solution for roughly 12 weeks while your dental implants heal completely. This provisional bridgework is engineered to be comfortable and look natural, enabling you to eat and speak easily during healing.

Once your dental implants heal, we’ll invite you to our clinic to fit your final, personalized new bridgework. Our dental experts will collaborate with you to devise a tailored treatment plan that caters to your needs and ensures the most favourable outcome.

Dental Holiday’s commitment lies in delivering superior patient care and treatment. So, if you’re searching for a comfortable and effective answer to missing teeth, we encourage you to arrange a consultation with us to explore your options.

We’re pleased to inform you that we can typically determine your eligibility for dental implants during our initial discovery call.

We require information like an X-ray or CBCT scan, a treatment plan from a different clinic, or images to evaluate your suitability for dental implants abroad. Our team, comprised of experienced dental professionals specialising in dental implant procedures, is confident that we can devise a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs.

If you’re found to be an unsuitable candidate for dental implants, we’ll leverage our expert knowledge to suggest alternative treatment options that may better suit your circumstances. At Exclusive Dental Studio, we deliver top-notch patient care and treatment. We’ll accompany you throughout the process to ensure you attain a healthy and confident smile.

Don’t let the absence of teeth compromise your lifestyle. Contact us today to arrange your discovery call and embark on the journey towards a radiant and healthy smile you can take pride in!

We firmly believe that Dental Holiday can assist you with your dental implant needs, even if your local dentist has deemed you unsuitable for such procedures abroad.

  • Are you struggling with significant tooth loss or complete edentulism?
  • Have you been advised that dentures are your only solution?
  • Has your dentist deemed you ineligible for implant procedures?
  • Do you have extensive dental restorations, like crowns and bridges, that are deteriorating?

Patient Transformations

Here are a few of our Dental Holiday transformation patients. We only use actual patients in all of our marketing.

Getting your smile back in just one day

Our dental implant procedure enables patients to regain a robust, functioning smile. We do not provide temporary dentures – instead, we create, craft, and install a completely tailor-made, screw-retained fixed arch of teeth exclusively for you.

Our distinctive implant clinic design, patient journey and internal dental labs enable us to complete the treatment, design your new teeth, and fit it all within a single day. This means you can walk out with a brand new ‘smile-in-a-day’.

Here’s a glance at your patient schedule:


You’ll reach our clinic reception to fill in any necessary documentation and be escorted by your treatment coordinator to our smile lounge. We’ll ensure your comfort throughout. Following any x-rays or photo documentation that needs to be taken, you’ll proceed to the treatment room, where, under sedation and without discomfort, one of our senior implant surgeons will remove any remaining teeth and install your implants. This process typically takes about 2 hours per jaw.


Post-treatment, you’ll be guided back to your smile lounge to unwind and recuperate. During this period, our lab team, under the guidance of our senior implantologists, will be crafting your unique dental bridgework in our on-site dental lab.

Late afternoon

Later in the afternoon, you’ll return to the treatment room to have your new bridgework fitted by your chairside technician. You’ll leave with your first set of brand-new fixed teeth. And if you opted for Smile Complete or Smile Premium, over the subsequent weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to adjust to your new smile before returning for your final permanent set of teeth.