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Your Free Discovery Call

Benefit from a FREE, scheduled, no-obligation discovery call with the Dental Holiday expert team.

Have you already been told that you’re unsuitable for dental implants abroad?

If you’re among the many people seeking this treatment, our complimentary discovery call can determine whether full-mouth dental implants suit you. Even if a previous dentist has deemed you unsuitable for dental implants, we can assist you. Our dental implant options are appropriate for many cases where false teeth or dentures were previously considered the only alternative.

We’ve helped patients who have:

  • Been told that they don’t have enough healthy bone for implants
  • Lost most or even all of their natural teeth
  • Suffered from severe gum disease
  • Already undergone extensive dental work such as bridges and crowns
  • Have failing teeth

At Dental Holiday, we can craft your smile transformation by placing 4-6 dental implants to support 10-14 new teeth. As a result, all UK patients must have at least one complete jaw correction with our full jaw dental implants. Please note that we do not typically provide routine or general dental services for our international patients, such as check-ups, hygiene, fillings, root canal treatments, single dental implants, etc.

We ask you to schedule a free discovery call to determine your suitability for our treatment. If you prefer, call us now at +421 949 007 179.

Sandra, Natalia, Michaela, Anna, Monika & Betka await your call…

What is included in your free full clinical consultation when you arrive?

If you’re one of the millions who need dental implant treatment, then our FREE discovery call will allow us to tell you there and then if our full-mouth dental implants could be right for you.

The 2nd part of this diagnostic process is done in person when you visit us, right before you proceed with treatment. During your comprehensive in-person consultation, we can address all of your extra questions, and a state-of-the-art 3D CT scan will be performed to accurately diagnose any issues you may have, including bone levels. This will allow us to develop a customized treatment plan for you.

We’ll give you a no-obligation personalized treatment plan with payment details, including 0% payment plan options.

Would you like to visit us just for a free dental implant consultation? Just inform us during your inquiry, and we’ll arrange it for you.

Coordinated by our senior implantologists and nurses, the free consultation includes the following:

  • A conebeam CT scan.
  • A detailed medical and dental history.
  • Discuss financing and scheduling options with one of our Exclusive Dental Studio patient coordinators.
  • An individual treatment plan for a dental implant solution if suitable.

Likewise, in the unlikely scenario that you are deemed unsuitable, we will promptly provide guidance. We aim to ensure that you proceed only when we are assured of a favourable outcome. In addition, drawing upon our extensive experience and expertise in the dental industry, we will inform you of alternative options that align with your specific circumstances. Whether suitable or not, you will depart with a deeper understanding of your situation and the potential next steps available.

Patient Transformations

Here are a few of our Dental Holiday transformation patients. We only use actual patients in all of our marketing.

Are you ready to get the smile you deserve?

We work hard to ensure everyone leaves our clinic with a smile that brings them the joy and confidence they deserve. That’s why you can get all of the above at no cost and will find out quickly whether our dental implant solution is right for you.

So, if you’re struggling with dentures or failing teeth, even if you’ve been previously advised that you are unsuitable for dental implants – get in touch with our friendly team today.