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“100% delighted. Fantastic Dentist.”

Andys great new smile!

As you can see from the photo here, we got Andy to the church on time!

I’m guessing that his smile was as wide as the Bride and Groom’s!

Andy from Bromley in Kent followed Dental Holiday on Facebook before taking the plunge to get his teeth done in time for his daughter’s wedding after talking to one of our former dental patients. We replaced his whole upper jaw with 6 dental implants and a full arch of zirconia crowns.

Andy took 3 short visits to our clinic overall, flying from Stansted with direct to Bratislava airport.

Before and after treatment with smile clinic in Slovakia

Here’s what Andy had to say about his time with us:

I found Smile Clinic on UK Facebook. Contacted a lady that had her dental work done here. After chatting with Sue I booked my appointment. 6 dental implants to top jaw and implant bridge. 100% delighted. Fantastic dentist.”

Hand written review from Andy

Andy has since recommended a friend who recently has dental treatment at Smile Clinic in Slovakia as well. Thank you!

Before and after dental treatment

Wishing you Andy and your daughter all the best in this new stage of life…