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Our patient Rina recently completed her dental treatment abroad with a full set of dental implants at Dental Holiday in Slovakia.

Now, Rina is enjoying her beautiful new teeth. She believes that her decision of having dental treatment abroad was an excellent idea. Also, she saved a lot of money in comparison to the prices in the UK.


This patient received All on 5 dental implants procedure on both her jaws. As you can see on X-ray taken after the treatment was finished, now she has 5 dental implants in her lower and 5 dental implants in her upper jaw. A full ceramic bridge is fixed to these implants on both jaws.

Review Rina left us after her last visit

It’s Dental Holiday!

Once at Dental Holiday, you will receive a free consultation with Dr. Mark or with one of our other senior implantologists. The doctor will make a treatment plan that will help you achieve a healthy and good-looking smile. Our experienced patient manager will help you get rid of your fear (if there is any 🙂

Rina´s hand-written testimonial

Also, the patient manager will help you to understand every detail of your treatment. Many UK patients are scared of having dental treatment abroad until they arrive at Piestany. Piestany is a small spa town just 45 minutes rid from Bratislava international airport, where over 4000 patients have received dental treatment since 2006.

Dr. Mark has been practicing dental implant and other dental surgery treatments at Smile Clinic – Dental Holiday for more than 14 years. Trained abroad, Dr. Mark is an expert in dental implant surgery using only the best quality materials in today’s dentistry.

Dental Holiday has two venues – in Piešťany spa town and in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Dental Holiday’s English-speaking staff will guide you through the process and even make accommodation arrangements for you. Our driver, Daniel, will pick you up and take you to Bratislava airport 24/7.

All this sounds good and easy, right? Well, it is really like this. Fill out the GET A QUOTE FORM and we will respond to you within 24 hours.