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This dental clinic is smoking!

Ex-smokers welcome! David from London came to us for the “all on 4” dental treatment and was recommended to our clinic by his friend who had similar treatment with us the previous year.

As David had been smoking for many years, he felt that his upper teeth needed a complete overhaul. Due to the excess bone loss in the upper jaw probably caused by smoking, 7 dental implants were needed with a bone graft to support a full arch of 14 teeth.

Smokers Welcome

While we do not encourage smoking, you may not be surprised to hear that many of our patients from the UK are smokers or ex-smokers – we also have an allocated place at the clinic for smoking to cater for such patients. And we are able to do fantastic smile reconstructions for all these patients, even if they have been smoking as long as they can remember.

David usually travelled with his sister for company and used the handy airlink from Heathrow direct to Vienna airport, where he was met by our complimentary driver each time to be taken to Smile Clinic in Piestany spa, Slovakia for his dental treatment.

The treatment was done over 3 visits and took approximately 6 months in total.

Here’s what David had to say about his dental holiday with Smile Clinic in Slovakia:

10/10 very professional / excellent hygiene