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“Service was exceptional”

Hanna's new beautiful smile created at Dental Holiday
Hannah’s new beautiful smile

Hannah from the UK, decided to get dental crowns in one visit at Smile Clinic – Dental Holiday. She wanted 10 crowns and normally in the UK, this type of dental treatment would take many visits to the dentist and cost a fortune. But at Smile Clinic, in the lovely spa town of Piešťany, just a 45 minute drive northwest of Bratislava, we were able to do all 10 crowns in one day.

We pick you up at the airport free of charge and take you back in the same day or the next few days depending on your treatment. Should you need to stay longer than one day we will help arrange your accommodations either at the clinic flats for around €35 a night or at one of the many spa hotels with massage, and thermal water baths.

Hannah gave Smile Clinic – Dental Holiday a 10 and here is her review in her own words.

Hand written testimonial
Hand written testimonial

Everything was perfect. Staff and the dentist was very friendly and informative. Any concerns I had were dealt with. Service was exceptional, cost was amazing. No problems, very straight forward.

Hannah said the cost was amazing and compared to UK dental prices it is amazing! Smile Clinic – Dental Holiday prices are 50-70% less than in the UK or other European Union countries.

There are no hidden costs and we offer a free consultation and x-rays. Fill out our quick, easy form and our experienced dental support team will contact you straight away to arrange an appointment.

Hannah received her crowns in just one day and so can you. Now you can have the smile you want at a low cost with expert dentists and staff at Smile Clinic – Dental Holiday.