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Dental expertise under one roof

Smile Clinic provides dental expertise under one roof, giving our patients the best in dental technology with our implantologist expert, Dr. Marek (Mark) Salka performing the surgery in an efficient and effective manner.

Our recent patient, Charles, a Londoner, finally found the time to come to Smile Clinic – Dental Holiday for implant treatment. He turned it into a real holiday with his wife and a couple of friends, enjoying the spa town of Piešťany, where one of our clinics is located.

All the expertise is under one roof and if you know what you want then the entire process can be very fast with no need to be referred to a queue of different specialists.”

X-ray of Charles implant

Whether you need one implant or a full-jaw replacement, we can help you get the smile you’ve always dreamed of…and turn your dental treatment abroad into a holiday with your loved ones and friends. Have a massage, take in the mud baths or a dip in the thermal waters that we are known for in Slovakia. Just like Charles.

Our facilities are the best in Europe and Smile Clinic is fully accredited British Dental Practice Abroad and we’re members of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentists. Plus, our prices are 50-70% less than in the UK.

Still have questions? Read our FAQ’s or contact us for a free quote. Our English-speaking staff is ready to help you with scheduling your appointment, assisting with local accommodation and flying to Slovakia is a breeze from major airports in the UK.

Charles gave us a 10-out-of-10
Charles gave us a 10-out-of-10

Read Charles’ review for yourself.