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“I can open my mouth again- I couldn’t be happier”

Deborah after treatment
Deborah after her treatment

Lots of patients contact our dental clinic daily with the wish to have a perfect smile. In late 2017 we received an e-mail from Mrs. Deborah from the UK requesting lot of dental treatment. As she said later she wished to have “a perfect white smile” and we offered her our help. We made a financial quote for Mrs. Deborah based on a description of her dental issues and the photo of her smile she sent to us. We explained how the treatment with dental implants is done in e-mails and we booked Mrs. Deborah in to the clinic’s timetable.

First visit

On her first visit to Smile Clinic Piešťany in December 2017 we made an X ray and CT scan. As you can see in the X ray, Mrs. Deborah had several teeth missing. She was unhappy because her teeth were dark and had gaps in between them. During the consultation Dr. Marek, our head implantologist, suggested treatment with 11 dental implants in combination with single dental crowns. The surgery took 4 hours and Mrs. Deborah had dental implants successfully implanted in her jaws.

In her upper jaw are dental implants in place for teeth number 14, 24, 25, 27 and 28. In her lower jaw was tooth number 34 extracted so 34, 35, 37, 43, 45, 47 make 6 implants in her lower jaw. The implants needed to heal, so we provided Mrs. Deborah temporary healing abutments and she was able to return home and came back in 3,5 months.

Deborahs X ray BEFORE treatment with dental implants
Deborah’s X ray before treatment
Deborahs X ray AFTER treatmnet with dental implants
Deborah’s X ray after treatment

Second and third visit

On her second visit, we started with 12 white fillings for her natural teeth. After all teeth were healthy and prepared to get dental crowns we took the impressions of both her jaws so our technicians would be able to prepare all final ceramic crowns for her implants and also for her natural front teeth.

In March 2018 she came for her last visit of this treatment to fit final dental crowns in. Now she has 11 dental implants and 16 single crowns in her mouth and – as she says – she couldn’t be happier. See her testimonial for her full review of Smile Clinic Slovakia in the picture below.

Now Mrs. Deborah needs to see us only once a year in order to keep the warranty for her dental treatment. We are looking forward to seeing you in 2019, Deborah!

the testimonial Deborah left to us
Deborah’s Testimonial