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“It has been a very successful experience”

what a smile!
After treatment X-ray

Mark from Northallerton in North Yorkshire contacted Dental Holiday in January 2017 about a bridge that may need replacing in time for his daughter’s wedding.

After we sent our 1st message to him, he immediately booked a cheap flight with Ryanair direct to Bratislava from Leeds.

2 dental implants, abutments, and 12 crowns were placed in his upper jaw, completely replacing Mark’s worn, existing smile. The before and after photographs here show the massive improvement.

before and after close ups

His dental work was completed in May and needed 3 short visiting in total.

Many thanks to all at smile clinic, Dr. Marek and all the team have been so professional, reassuring and skillful. I needed a great deal of work one to fix my smile for my daughter’s wedding.

I will be a proud dad and be confident in my smile. I would highly recommend the clinic, it has been a very successful experience, Piestany is a nice place too.”