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Information about All on 4 dental implants

all on 4 dental implants
This image shows 10 teeth on 4 implants; we typically do 12 teeth.

Feeling hungry because you can’t eat the food you want, or are you ashamed to laugh out loud?

All-on-4 dental implants are a modern way to replace dentures or replace a whole arch of teeth on either the lower or upper jaws.

The All-on-4 dental implants technique is an internationally approved dental procedure in which the implant dentist sets four strategically placed dental implants and then anchors a (typically 12 unit) dental bridge on the dental implants. Once secured to the dental implants, the dental bridge won’t slip or drop like dentures, and denture glue is unnecessary.

4 dental implants to the upper jaw
All four titanium implants are placed so that the bone will grow around and secure them in place. There is much less invasive, lengthy, and costly dental surgery with only four implants.

Not everyone is a candidate for the All-on-Four dental implants plus a crown bridge; therefore, expert consultation is required to determine your suitability for this type of dental treatment.

The cost of all-on-4 implants with Dental Holiday is about half the price of All-on-4 implants in UK towns like London, Liverpool, Leeds or Brighton.

Unlike most dental clinics in the UK, we offer all-ceramic (zirconia – metal free) 12 tooth bridgework and implant abutments included with our “all on 4 dental implant” cases.

The “all on 4” dental implant method is usually done in 3 short visits over 4-5 months.

All on 4 dental implant costs in 2024:

One jaw is €6,990 – €13,980, and both jaws are €13,980 – €26,980. Pay in instalments if necessary.

Smile Minimum™

€6,990 Lower Jaw
€6,990 Upper Jaw
€13,980 Both Jaws

(1 visit – 2-3 days)

Smile Complete™

€9,990 Lower Jaw
€9,990 Upper Jaw
€19,980 Both Jaws

(3 visits over 3-4 months)

Smile Premium™

€13,490 Lower Jaw
€13,490 Upper Jaw
€26,980 Both Jaws

(3 visits over 3-4 months)

There are no hidden or extra charges, apart from your low-cost flight from the UK to Bratislava or Vienna airport, and the 2-3 nights accommodation for the 1st visit.

Visits 2 and 3 are usually just one-day stays.

The guarantee on this type of dental work is for life concerning the dental implants and 5 years for the porcelain bridgework.

How much in total for all on 4 dental implants abroad?

One jaw is €6,990 – €13,980, and both jaws are €13,980 – €26,980. Pay in instalments if necessary.

How much would I pay for the “all on 4 system” on each visit?

We ask for 70% of the total treatment cost once we start treatment with you and the remaining 30% on the last visit.

Of course, you can pay more on visits 1 and 2 to spread out the costs better, but before we start each part of your dental treatment, we consider these payments as deposits towards your overall all 4 dental implants and crowns treatment.

Having the “all on 4” with Dental Holiday is the cheapest way of having a full set of teeth again, and much cheaper than in the UK, Hungary, the Czech Republic or Poland.

Our dentists here have been well trained in the “all on 4” dental implants system through years of courses in Germany and experience in doing the “all on 4” dental implant system on over 1000 patients from the UK who came to our clinic for this type of dental treatment over the past 13 years.

I hope that helps you decide for us!

45 thoughts on “Information about All on 4 dental implants”

  1. dear sir or madam

    please could you tell me if i can have dental inplants.
    all my teeth are loose and my gums are coming away from my teeth.
    over a year ago i had a faulse tooth made on a plate but i cant wear it.
    it hurts the roof of my mouth and i cant talk properly with it in.
    could you give me a price for about nine upper teeth including my two front ones.

    your faithfully

    nancy poole

    • Hi Nancy!
      Thank you for your message. Your dental situation is very similar to that of many of our dental patients from the UK who arrive to have treatment with us daily. Like you, they hate their denture and are ready to do something about it.

      Most certainly you’ll be able to have dental implants, but to know exactly how many is dependent on an OPG digital x-ray which we’ll make free of charge during the free consultation in our dental clinic.

      Typically to replace 9 upper teeth, you’ll need anything from 2-4 dental implants and abutments to support a 9 tooth bridge. The pricing of this is very simple:

      2 x Ankylos dental implants @ £397 = £794
      2 x Titanium implant abutments @ £197 = £394
      9 x Implant supported bridgework @ £297 = £2673
      Total treatment cost = £3861 (including free airport transfers, all consulations, work, healing caps and temporary crowns)

      We have no hidden or extra charges. The gurantee on the implants is for 10 years, and you’ll need 3 overnight visits spaced out over about 4 months. Our local airport is Bratislava, easily reached with Ryanair from 14 UK airports.

      Does that help?


    • Hi Nigel, “All on 4″ dental implants with a 12 point bridge are just: £5940.
      That’s the complete price, there are no hidden or extra costs. You’ll need 3 one day visits over 4 months.
      does that help?

        • That would be me 😉 I’ll write to you an email to arrange things today. It’s quite simple, you need to find a suitable date, check if the flights are cheap on that date as well, and check it against our calendar to make sure that we’re not fully booked. I’ll take care of the rest…

      • Hello..could I ask if the price quoted for the ‘All on 4’ implant of £5940 is just for the upper jaw ? I would need upper and lower and wonder what the price would be ?

        many thanks

        • Hi Fiona,
          I’ve just seen that you’ve also signed up for a free quote and plan, I’ll send that off right away, but to answer your question, yes the price is just for one jaw, you’d need to times that by 2 to get the amount for both jaws, but the number of visits needed would still be 3, not 6 🙂
          Does that help?

  2. Hello Daniel.

    I have lost all my teeth now. I had the last eleven extracted after many, many years of severe gingivitis since I was a child.

    I’ve never had a set of good teeth in my life, I’m now 48.

    Since my last teeth were extracted, three years have gone by.

    My questions are: Can I have the All-on-4 procedure done or is it too late now? What is the failure rate? Will my speech be affected by this as it is with dentures?

    • Hi Mark,
      I’m sure your a candidate for all on 4, however it will be dependent on how much healthy jawbone is present for implantation (those who have lost teeth for some length of time usually have bone loss too). If there isn’t enough bone present, then you’ll need a bone graft.
      The failure rate is a bare minimum, our implantologists are very experienced, and if there’s any chance that it won’t work, they won’t start. We have to keep it this way because we offer a lifetime guarantee on implants.
      With the all-on-4 procedure, we usually fix a crown bridge instead of a fixed denture, giving the look, effect and feel or real teeth, without the hassle of dealing with a denture.
      There may be some speech difficulties in the 1st few weeks, as your brain has to “rewire” and get used to the new shape in your mouth. This is always temporary and usually only noticeable to yourself.

      Does that help?

  3. It’s true that in many places in the UK the price of all-on-four is an extortionate £13,000 to £18,000 per jaw.

    • I must add that in the cases I’ve seen only an acrylic bridge is included in the cost. A porcelain one adds another £2,000 or so, even more for metal-free ones on zirconian abutments as offered here, making the prices quoted here extremely good! The implants used here are also of excellent quality. I’ve become something of an expert, after spending a long time researching the various options and talking to dentists worldwide!

  4. dear dentists
    I have had dentisry problems since my teens I have four teeth lower jaw ,which have been patched up over the years.upper teeth also bad condition.My idear is to have existing teeth removed as there’s not much life expectentcy and have complete implants with the aim to be able to chew my food, or bite an apple.

    • Hello Mr Dixon, judging from your comments, a suitable solution may be “all on 4”, and the best step to take now is to get a digital OPG or CT scan done either here with us free of charge, and a consultation with our implantologist, or get one done locally and send it over to us.
      With this we’d be able to tell you exact what’s needed (and what can be done) how long it will take, and how much it would cost.
      Does that help?

  5. Hi I have always had bad teeth from a child I wear dentures at the moment which I do not like. I only have 6 upper jaw teeth left and 7 lower jaw teeth left of my own.
    I have four missing teeth at the front lower jaw, four missing teeth from my right top jaw and three missing teeth from my left top jaw . would I be able to have dental implants and what would the cost be.
    regards Matt

    • Dear Matt,
      Thank you for getting in touch. How long have you been wearing a denture?
      As you have some existing teeth, you may not need to have the “all on 4” which is a complete upper or lower jaw replacement. The costs per jaw for the “all on 4” is currently (2012) £5940, so I estimate that your total cost would be slightly lower than that depending on how many implants and how many crowns or each bridge are needed, which unfortunately will only be known exactly when a digital OPG or CT scan is done (you can have that done free of charge in our clinic).
      Certainly you’ll need 3 one days visit to us over 2-3 months to complete the treatment.
      Does that help?


  6. Hi, do you do the all on 4 system and extract teeth on the same visit. I would need to send you a ct scan done locally to check viability but have been told 2 months ago that I could have implants. I would then only need to return a few months later I assume to have the final permanent teeth fitted and have a temporary set of teeth fitted on the same day as the implants.

    • Hi Jason, yes, we do in many cases, however doing x-rays, consultations, extractions, impressions & all on 4 upper and lower and temporary fitting all on the same day is not an ideal case scenario.
      This would take 6-12 hours time depending on the difficulty of the surgery, and you are certainly not advised to travel on the same day. You’d need 2-3 days with us ideally for this.

  7. Hi there,

    I have recently had an assessment for implants in the UK. The dentist says I will need to
    have virtually all of my side teeth removed due to gum disease, some bone loss and infection.
    My front teeth are apparently ok and the bone there is good. I keep asking them if I can have the
    all on 4 and they are resistant to this saying that they do not want to remove the front teeth. Also,
    that the extraction would need to be done and healing for 4 months to occur. During this time, I will
    have to have dentures on the bottom and nothing on the top. Can you tell me if you would be able
    to help me with a quicker solution? I really do not want to wear dentures and neither do I want to
    walk around with no teeth for four months.

    Thank you.

    • Dear Sue,
      There is no real “quicker” solution as the bone has to heal around the implants, and there’s no real way to speed this up however this how we would do it:

      We would most likely leave the front teeth intact too if they are basically healthy, but we would put 1-2 dental implants towards the back on both sides and then create a bridge which would span the whole arch. The opposite jaw would be a classic “all on 4” situation.

      We would do the implants & extractions at the same time, as well as provide you with a fixed semi-permanent bridge to have during the healing time on both jaws.

      You would need 3 visits to us over 4 months to complete the process and each visit should be an overnight stay. The total cost spread across the 3 visits would be around £11800 for both jaws if no bone grafts are needed. Extractions are £37 per tooth. There are no hidden or extra costs whatsoever, free airport transfer is also included, as well as all necessary CT-scans etc.
      Please do get in touch if you’d like to go ahead with this…


  8. Hello.
    I am not sure if you can help or not. I have 2 Molars (1 that is very loose) and three teeth at the sides, no front teeth on upper jaw.
    On the bottom jaw, I have 6 at the front (1 being a single false tooth) I wear partial dentures upper and lower and hate them, as they are difficult to wear and I hate talking and smiling, and I have no confidence.
    I would like if possible to have same day implants, and wondered if you do a payment plan of any discription, as I wouldnt have the means to pay in full.
    Any help in this matter would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • Dear Suzy,
      It sounds like quite a large case, however nothing as drastic as a whole jaw reconstruction, but I’d definitely need to see / do an x-ray to determine how many of your existing teeth can be used as support for bridgework.
      The idea would be to do implants and have a full bridge arch in place of your existing and false teeth. As the treatment takes 3-6 months to complete, payment is split across the 3 visits.
      Does that help?

  9. Hi,

    I need my front teeth tidied and a couple of extractions and possibly implants.

    My problem is I had a bad dental experience in my early teens and now have a manic fear of dentists.

    Can you do these treatments under anaesthetic, as I would rather be asleep when these procedures are done

    Many thanks

    • Dear Ian,
      Yes we can plan dental treatment under general anaesthetic for you, however with general anaesthetic there are some important points to follow:

      – Must travel with a friend / family member
      – Must stay overnight after the treatment
      – Must visit a local GP here with us in the town, so that that he/she can issue a pre-operational certificate when you are here before the treatment so that we can check that you are healthy enough to undergo the procedure
      – No food or drink on the day before the procedure
      – The cost is currently £580

      The above points may seem strict, however in Slovakia the law requires it, and we also have 2 extra members of staff in on the day to make sure that all goes well.

      If you’re still interested, please do let me know and we can start to make arrangements.

  10. Hi,

    I spent £1000’s 8yrs ago to have crowns and veneers fitted to my upper front teeth, within in three years I had to have all my front teeth removed as the work done was shocking and done wrong (in the uk). My dentist wiped my bill as I refused to pay as after only 3 days a veneer and crown both fell out, any way I have had a partial denture I used when front teeth were removed and it clipped into my back teeth but the crowns couldn’t handle the force hence I had to have them all taken out and full denture fitted, which I can not wear, I am sick and can’t have it in my mouth. I know use fixodent and glue my partial plate into my mouth which has major problems for me, I can’t eat normal food, I don’t go out anymore as I have a fear to smile as plate only has four teeth on it, I can’t laugh or talked normal due to this plate. I’ve tried counciling to have full denture in my mouth but I just can’t do it, NHS won’t help and I’ve saw so many private dentists but they all want £15,000 plus for the upper all in 4. Since I only have two front roots and only back tooth left, dentist wanted to leave two front roots to try save jaw bone shape, what’s is my best option with you guys and could you price me roughly on 8,10 or 12 bridge all in 4. Thank you Damian.

    • Dear Damian,
      I am saddened to hear your story.
      With us, 4 dental implants supporting 12 crowns of a bridge is £5940.
      3 short visits to us over 4-5 months are necessary for the procedure to take place and heal.
      Does that help?

  11. Hello

    I am looking to have implants and have been researching the all on four system you mention, I believe this is a NobelBiocare system. Are you an Noble biocare accredited clinician or do you use their product with a different credential.


    • Dear Lisa,
      Although initially developed by Nobel Biocare,the “all on 4” system is commonly used as a term worldwide for 4 dental implants supporting 8-12 crowns on a bridge, therefore most other dental implant companies have come up with their version of the system.
      We use Straumann dental implants or Ankylos by Frident dentsply depending on the individual case.
      Does that help?

  12. How long would i have to stay if i wanted 25 teeth removed and have the all on four upper and lower. How much would i be looking at all togther cheers

    • Dear Liam,
      Although quite a drastic move – the removal of 25 teeth would be £47 per teeth (the CT scan done in our clinic free of charge would show if any of them can be saved) and the “all on 4” is £5940 per jaw.
      The timeline is approximately 3 short visits over 6 months.
      Does that help?

  13. Hi
    Im not quite sure what you do on the first visit, is it just consultation? Or would any procedures take place too?
    I have 7 front teeth on lower jaw all strong but the crown parts worn down due to grinding my teeth
    I have 5 upper teeth mainly front but most of these are crowns and will probably be difficult to extract
    If i agree to have the treatment will i need to book my own hotel as flight?
    Thankyou for taking time to answer

  14. I am just having all my upper teeth removed because of an accident.
    I had two bridges. The One on my right side of my mouth broke after about 15 years the tooth just broke that the bridge was anchored on.

    My bridge on the front of my mouth had been damaged due to an accident at work

    My teeth on my left side of my jaw were very slack and flared up sometimes. So I had to take antibiotics to settle them down.

    With all this I decided to have them all removed and have a denture fitted, which I did no really want, but sadly have to accept.

    Is it better to let my gums heal up before having a full top implants?

    If so how long should I wait. My dentures will be finished on December 5th.

    What would the cost be for a full upper teeth implant be?

    I found your website to be very informative.

    • Dear Vern,

      Thank you for your comment.
      It is advised to wait a couple of months for the gums to heal before we do the implant surgery. I´m sending you all the information regarding the full mouth reconstruction to your email address.
      I´m looking forward to hearing from you again.

      Kind regards



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