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Have you ever seen such a radical change?

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Even our team was surprised at the dental treatment results gained by this lady. You wouldn’t believe it’s the same person that we met just a few months prior.

Unfortunately, due to personal issues early on in life, this patient had lost the majority of her front teeth, including major bone loss. This was not dealt with at an earlier stage due to the embarrassment of her dental situation and fear of the dentist.

However, after a series of email exchanges with Daniel & Natalie, she gained trust in our dental clinic and came for a consultation, x-rays and dental implant treatment to replace the missing teeth.

Even abroad, the cost for such a procedure can be a lot to deal with for some patients, however by spreading the investment out over the 3 visits, she was able to achieve this radical change, to match a radical change in her life for the better.

Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable to him than a diamond.” –Cervantes:  Don Quixote‐1605

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