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“There’s better English here than at my UK dentist”

Before & After 16 ceramic crowns
Before & After 16 Ceramic Crowns

David travelled to Smile Clinic Slovakia via Dental Holiday for just two short one-day visits. Each time he was picked by our driver from Bratislava airport and taken to the clinic and back to the airport free of charge. After an initial consultation assessment and x-ray taken with Dr. Marek, we started with his treatment. His front teeth were prepared for his new smile to be created from dental crowns, and a week later Dave flew back to us and had his new 16 pure ceramic dental crowns fitted.


Read his hand-written testimonial:

Quality of care is amazing! Total pain free- it’s the way you want the dentist treatment to be. Price you see is the price you pay. No problem with language, better English than my UK dentist. Feel patient happiness is more than the money!

Once Dave had returned home, we received this email from him, and after reading similar emails each morning, it’s certainly a pleasure coming to work each day 🙂

Dear Natalia,

Finding the Smile Clinic has been the best thing I have found on the internet ever!
It’s a business you run but no time during my visits did I ever feel it was about the money.
From the moment of landing to departure you took care of everything and most importantly I felt your interest was in patient care first.
I had visited dentists in the UK and I got the feeling they were not really interested in what I wanted- they were only interested in giving me a quote.
I even visited a dentist in Hungary, but after 5 mins I walked out as it was like a hard-sell timeshare holiday experience.
However, after 2 mins of talking to Marek he put me at ease, no hard sell, no mention of money, and even tried to change the treatment so that it fitted in with the original quote of 12 teeth I was given (6 top 6 bottom).
It was never about cost for me, just getting the smile I now have. He suggested 10 top and 6 bottom that shows me he takes pride in his work and knew what I wanted. In only 2 one day visits -delivered it perfectly, I couldn’t be happier.
The hardest part of it all after years of hiding my teeth is learning how to smile again 🙂
I will be using Smile Clinic Slovakia for all my dental needs in the future and will definitely recommend it to everybody I know.
Once again I would like to say thank you to everybody involved from Daniel the driver through to Marek with a special big thank you to the assistant (didn’t get her name) who was with me for both visits.
THANK YOU can never be enough to show how you have made the whole experience perfect!!
I am totally amazed !!!
Best Regards,


Here’s a short video of Dave and his new smile:

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