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Victoria’s dental treament

Look at this happy face! Victoria completed a treatment with dental crowns with us. She couldn’t be happier with her smile!

2 thoughts on “Victoria’s dental treament”

  1. Vicky had 4 all porcelain zirocnia crowns with us. Currently these cost £299 each and 2 visits are needed to the clinic with 2 weeks between the visits.
    Don’t worry about being afraid of dentists, we are the most relaxed and friendly team that you’ll find in Europe, i’m sure!

  2. Victoria’s teeth in her before picture look exactly like mine do now. I would be very interested to find out what she had done and the total cost?
    I am extremely self conscious of the way my teeth look but i also have a massive fear of the dentist. I’ve found that UK dentists are very unsympathetic and one dentist even refused me treatment because i pulled away too many times (it was only twice)!
    Victoria, your new smile looks amazing.


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