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Cosmetic Dentistry Statistics

dental abroad statistics
dental abroad statistics

In a recent independent study conducted by the AACD, they discovered that:

1. Virtually all people interviewed (99.7%) believed that a smile is an important social asset.
2. 96% of adults believe an attractive smile makes a person more appealing to members of the opposite sex.
3. Three-quarters (74%) of adults feels an unattractive smile can hurt a person’s chances for career success.

What is the first thing you notice in a person’s smile?

The most common responses were:

1. Straightness
2. Whiteness & Colour of Teeth
3. Cleanliness of Teeth
4. Sincerity of Smile
5. Any Missing Teeth?
6. Sparkle of Smile

What types of things do you consider make a smile unattractive? The most common responses were:

1. Discoloured, Yellow, or Stained Teeth
2. Missing Teeth
3. Crooked Teeth
4. Decaying Teeth & Cavities
5. Gaps & Spaces in Teeth
6. Dirty Teeth

Cosmetic procedures that are in highest demand from patients under 20:

1. Whitening
2. Orthodontics
3. White fillings

Cosmetic procedures that are in highest demand from patients 20 – 50:

1. Whitening
2. Porcelain Veneers
3. White fillings
4. Porcelain Crowns and Bridges

Cosmetic procedures that are in highest demand from patients 50+:

1. Crowns and bridges
2. Dental Implants
3. Dentures

What would you most like to improve about your smile?

The most common response was:

– Whiter, Brighter and Straighter Teeth

All the above cosmetic dentistry statistics are based on a 2009 scientific survey by the AACD.
Cosmetic dentistry abroad can offer smile solutions for almost any dental case, and it’s usually much cheaper and quicker to have dental treatment abroad than in the UK.

Source: The American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry – of which Dental Holiday was a proud member from 2008-2009. (more recently we have moved over to the British academy of cosmetic dentistry as it’s closer to home).

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