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How much does dental treatment cost abroad?


At Dental Holiday we are happy to put our price list upfront so that our dental patients from the UK can compare with other dental treatment plan quotations they have received.

Like you, we have often been to the dentist with no idea of how much the dental treatment would cost us. Our UK patients often tell us that their greatest fear of going to the dentist is not the dentist or dental treatment, but the cost of the dental treatment instead.

So we choose to put clarity and simplicity back into the price of dentistry without compromising it in any way.

Here’s a Dental Holiday Price List from Smile Clinic Slovakia for you to print off if you choose, otherwise it’s all explained in full below:

We pride ourselves on no hidden or extra charges. The prices you see above are completely all-inclusive, your only other costs are accommodation (we have our own apartments for £35 per night) and your cheap flights to Bratislava or Vienna airport.

Dental Treatment Costs and Prices

Leading the charge for fair pricing, we’re making it simple and easy:

  • FREE dental advice via email and phone
  • £60 by taxi FREE Transfer from airport to the dental clinic & back
  • FREE help with organising accommodation
  • FREE Removal of old crowns/veneers
  • £82 FREE Oral examination & consultation
  • £37 FREE OPG digital panoramic x-ray
  • £13 per tooth FREE Temporary crowns/veneers
  • Welcome pack
  • There are no extra costs for lab or dentist work, all the fees below are inclusive.

General Dental Procedures

(1 day visit)

  • Tooth Extraction £47
  • Dental Hygiene £67
  • White Fillings £67
  • Composite reconstruction £97
  • Root Canal ( 1 Canal) £87
  • Root Canal Re – treatment ( 1 Canal) £117
  • Glass Fiber Post £87
  • Wisdom Tooth Extraction £150
  • Dentures – Partial or full Acrylic £327 (currently unavailable)
  • Conscious Sedation Tablet £57    FREE

Cosmetic Dental Procedures

(Time: 1 stay of 4 working days or 2 one day visits with a week in between them)

  • All-Ceramic Zirconia Crowns £327
  • Porcelain Inlay / Onlay £327
  • Emax Veneer £397 – £597 depending on difficulty of case
  • Emax or CEREC Crowns £397
  • Extra Strength Layer Crowns (special cases) £497

All crowns/veneers are fully guaranteed for 5 years, although are built to last a lifetime.

  • Tooth Whitening custom home trays £50
  • Tooth Whitening (opalescence) £247
  • Tooth Whitening (ZOOM!) £327

Dental Implant Procedures

(2-3 one day visits over 4 months)

  • Dental Implant (Neodent Straumann), – Excluding Implant Crown and Implant Abutment £456

Read more here about our lifetime dental implant guarantee

  • Dental Implant abutment £197
  • Zirconia Implant Crowns £327
  • All inclusive single dental implant cost – Including dental implant crowns and dental implant abutments  £980

Replace a whole jaw of teeth with:

(3 visits: 1st visit –  4days, 2nd and 3rd visits: 1-2 days each)

Need to know anything else about the costs of dental treatment abroad?

payment options

paying for your dental treatment abroad

After each session, you’ll be presented with an updated payment sheet detailing the treatment you’ve had and it’s cost.
Payment is in £ English pounds (no Scottish notes please) although you can pay in € Euros if you prefer which is calculated at the national bank exchange rate of that given day. We also accept Visa and Mastercard or you can make an internet bank transfer directly in the clinic waiting room.

dental insurance

If you have any dental insurance or medical tax relief, bring along your forms and we help you to complete them.

dental guarantee

Dental Holiday guarantees all fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays and dentures for 5 years of normal use, provided you attend for check-ups and hygiene at least once a year and any failure isn’t caused by external force or trauma. Dental implants are guaranteed for life.

need to spread the cost of your dentistry?

spread dental implant costs

The total cost of dental implant treatments is spread over 3 payments during the 3 visits. Crowns and Veneer cases involve 60% before we start treatment, and the remaining 40% paid when the dental treatment is finished.

Discounts / special offers

best dentist abroad

It’s our policy to keep all our prices and fees as low as possible and fair to all. That’s why we don’t offer any dental discounts or special offers as many dental clinics do for multiple implants, dental work over £3000, free flights, free hotel etc – and then put their prices up to cover the incentive. We’re not car dealers nor cowboys 😉

And our prices always remain the lowest that they can be, without cutting any corners. We only use the best materials and supplies in our dental clinic abroad and you can be 100% sure that you’re getting the best dentistry abroad possible, for the fairest dental price abroad possible.

“It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money – that’s all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do.

The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot – it can’t be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better.”

– John Ruskin

144 thoughts on “How much does dental treatment cost abroad?”

  1. Hi.
    I’ve been thinking about having a re-endo on my 16. My dentist tried re-doing this once already but had found only 3 canals and he reckons there is a 4th canal, but it’s blocked.
    Could you please tell me whether you’d be able to offer this procedure to me and how much would it cost? Also where are you based?
    Many thanks
    Marcela RDN.

    • Dear Marcela, no endodontist should “reckon” that there is a 4th canal – he should see it on the Ctscan done before treatment.
      Certainly we offer this procedure in our Bratislava city centre clinic and the cost is €229 per canal for re-root canal treatment on tooth number 16.
      I hope that helps…

  2. Hi

    I have been considering braces to straighten my teeth but to be honest, in my opinion, I would be much happier straightening/realigning just 2 of them. I’ve recently come across teeth contouring or reshaping, is this a service you offer? If so can you give me an idea of typical costs and visits required?

    Many thanks


    • Dear Pete, certainly. “Reshaping” 2 teeth would cost £297 x 2 = £594 and you’d need one visit of 4 working days to complete the treatment.
      Does that help?

  3. How much would it be to have a full set of teeth removed and a new set of implants put in place? My teeth are currently falling apart.


    • Hi Dave,
      For patients where were replace the whole arch upper or lower – we usually do what’s called the “all on 4” that’s 4 dental implants and abutments supporting a porcelain crown bridge of 12 teeth – the cost for this is £5940 – if you’d like both the upper and the lower doing then the cost is x2.

      We’re different from other clinics in that we can provide you with a semi-permanent fixed bridge (not a false teeth denture) immediately after the dental implants have been placed, so that there’s an immediate improvement from day 1, until the end of the healing period which is typically 4-5 months.

      Does that help?

  4. I have some gum disease,through smoking(now trying to give up) ten years ago I had a crown fitted to my broken front bottom tooth. The tooth underneath the crown is lose and I can see a grey line just on the gum. I am really concerned about the tooth and would like to know if it could be saved or if I would need to have it extracted or leave it to fall out. I also have a slightly loose upper front tooth. I used to go to the dentist for a clean and polish every 6/12 months,but I am now scared to go in case they accidentally push my teeth out(the loose ones.)The UK NHS would only offer me dentures,but I don’t want to feel like an old woman!
    Could you please recommend to me my options for the teeth. I know I am eventually going to lose the bottom one for sure,but can the top one be saved through having a professional deep clean,then regular cleans? I like the thought of an implant,but I know with the gum disease that may not be an option. I was told by my dentist that an implant with him would cost £2000 :-0..One implant!! Thank you for your time.

    • Dear Julie,
      I agree, no-one should have to go through the discomfort of having dentures in this modern age.
      If the tooth is slightly loose, then it’s most likely that a dental implant will eventually have to be the solution, or a bridge involving the adjacent teeth.
      The gum disease should be brought under control by a specialist dental hygienist and the tooth extractions with possibly antibiotics prescribed as well.
      If the gum disease is left alone, it’ll cause bone loss and you’ll lose the tooth, as well as need bone substiution at the time when the dental implant is placed.
      The key now is to go for a hygiene session and if the teeth are lost, then have implants placed as soon as possible….
      I hope that helps…

  5. Hi,
    Do you do the iRise implant.
    I believe it is less invasive.
    Also If I have my upper molar extracted ( due regession ) how long before implant procedure starting, I need a bone increase into sinus.

    • Hi John,
      Unfortunately I have never heard of the iRise dental implant yet (and I have certified 100’s of dental clinics around the world) – possibly there’s not enough solid research around it yet for clinics like ours to offer a lifetime guarantee – therefore most clinics stick to dental implants with some history behind them for their overseas patients.
      In about half of cases cases the dental implant can be successfully fitted at the time of extraction, however in all other cases a 8-12 week wait is usually which the bone heals enough for implantation to take place.
      If you need a sinus lift, then I would recommend you look into having the sinus lift and the extraction done at the same time for sure, as well as the implant if possible, to save having to go through the healing time 2-3 times.
      I hope that helps…


  6. Hi, can you tell me the exact type of crowns that you offer? Is it just Zirconia or do you also do E-max?

    Can you explain the benefits/drawbacks of each?

    • Hi Tony,
      We do both Zirconia and E-max. E-max is usually used on the front teeth as it’s more translucent as natural front teeth are, however it cannot be used in bridgework as Zirconia can, which is more opaque, stronger, and more suitable for the rear teeth. The cost per tooth and time needed to create the crowns is always the same, whatever type of porcelain is used.
      The ideal solution for you is ideally discussed with the head dentist in the initial consultation shortly after your arrival in our clinic.
      I hope that helps…

    • So you can use E-max for implant crowns as well?
      The E-max you use is the lithium disilicate version? Press or CAD?
      How much prep (tooth reduction) do these require on anterior (front) teeth?

      Sorry for all the questions, but I like to understand the latest techniques you may use.

    • Hi Tony,
      We don’t usually use E-max for implant crowns, but if you’d like that option then the cost is £100 more.
      Our lab makes both press and CAD lithium disilicate emax crowns depending on the case.
      As for prep, it of course varies from patient to patient as the “bite” strength and angle factors a lot into how much is needed to make sure that the crown stays put.
      Does that help?

  7. hi, im booked in for the all on 4 treatment with yourselfs in january, the question i have is that one of my teeth is giving me alot of problems and picked up an infection, im keeping it in at the moment as im sure i read somewhere that its better to put in the implant straight after an extraction, the tooth in question is around the area of one of the abutments, is this true and what do you recommend, i can deal with the pain till the surgery happens, have you any advice as i really need to have no problems with my visit, thank you.

    • Hi Joe,
      Actually it’s better for the tooth to be extracted as soon as possible, as the bone should then naturally heal the infection. If an infection is present, it would jeopardize the success of the implant if placed at the same time as the tooth is extracted.
      I hope that helps…

  8. hi, booked the flights and sent the details, looking forward to see you all in January. very helpful and would recommend anyone looking for a top place to have the dental treatment done all smooth up to this point, cheers

  9. Hi, I’ve lost my teeth number 5 and 6 on my upper arch and now I’m considering to have implants. My first question is if is possible to have only one implants with two crowns? And is it also possible get an estimate on the treatment? And my second question is about your implants guarantee? Is it limited or lifetime? My final question is about the brand and made of your implants? Thank you very much for your time to read my questions.

    • Hi, did you receive our email response to your comment? We sent you one of 6 November. I just want to make sure you have the response. Best, Dental Holiday

  10. hi, thank you very much for the reply, am going to book the flights from the 6th Jan 2014 for a few days before I do can you confirm there is still available dates for that week, as your forecast of events only goes to Jan 5th. cheers.

  11. Hiya i had all my upper teeth removed 1 year ago and struggle eating with my denture so for the past year i have sat alone in my bedroom eating without my denture. How much would it cost for full upper dental implants. Also i have my twp front lower teeth missing for several years and would like a price to have 2 dental implants. also how long would it take.


  12. hi, received a very helpful reply to an email I sent last week. if I were to go ahead with a upper jaw all on 4 I understand that it will take 3 visits, I have 9 teeth to be removed will I get a temporary denture that is useable to eat with till the 3 month wait for the 4 implants to fuse and heal before the main one goes in. and a little information on how it is actually held in place. thank you and hope to see you in January 14. booking the flights as soon as I get this last question answered to put my mind at ease. cheers

    • Dear Joe,
      That’s correct. The temporary bridge is supported by a titanium bar attached to the implants, to ensure that they all stay in place during the healing time, as well as look and function as well as possible, until the final bridgework is ready to be fitted.
      You will however be a little sore for the 1st few days, and will most likely be on soft foods for 1-2 weeks after the surgery.
      Does that help?

  13. Hi! I am 62 and have a severely loose tooth. (front-lower). My NHS dentist says to wait until it falls out and then have a denture fitted. He says it has come loose because of the bone. It has been loose for over a year now. Can you possibly advise on alternative private treatment please? Regards,Steve

    • Dear Steve,
      There are 3 options to replace the tooth.
      1. Denture – should be free on the NHS, but in today’s modern age, you should be having to put up with that for the rest of your life.
      2. Single dental implant. Cost £891 with us, however 2 visits would be needed to us, each an overnight stay, and a gap of 3-4 months between them.
      3. 3 point bridge. Cost £891, however can be done in one visit of 4 working days but on the downside, will not last forever, nor is as strong as a dental implant.
      Does that help?

  14. Hallo i like too know i have one denture up jaw full set and under jaw 12 left but they look not nice big space between it and brown and old looking rather have them removed and full set of denture back so get full set of denture i see other options how-renew much is that on total

    • Dear Hans,
      I would suggest 4 dental implants for the upper jaw supporting 12 teeth on a bridge. This is called the “all on 4” solution and costs £5940.
      As for the bottom, you may be able to have just 12 new teeth without implant support, this would be £3564 for the bottom. I hope that helps…

  15. Hi Daniel,
    My teeth are in a very poor state, my intention is to have implants to replace all of my teeth (not a fixed denture). Although I haven’t been to the dentist for some time, the last time I was there I was told that I have a lot of bone loss throughout my mouth. I had to have my bottom front teeth extracted about two years ago, because they had become so loose and painful, and I wear a loose bridge, I also have teeth missing at the back – upper and lower jaw, all remaining teeth are loose to varying degrees.

    I appreciate that you’re not working from an x-ray but based on your experience, could you give me an idea of price for the work suggested?

    kind regards

    • Dear Sharon,
      It’s quite simple. Please look at our page on the “all on 4” treatment.
      This is replacing the whole upper or lower jaw with 4 dental implants supporting 12 new fixed teeth on a bridge.
      It takes usually 3 overnight visits to complete, over 3 months, and the cost is currently £5940 per jaw.
      If bone grafting / sinus lift is needed, then you can expect to pay £400-£800 depending on the amount of time and material involved. I hope that helps…

    • Hi again Daniel, sorry for asking more questions but….I thought the point of implants, particularly where there is extensive bone loss already, is to preserve bone and encourage new growth. But with only 4 implants won’t this mean that the bone where there are no implants will be absorbed once my teeth are removed? Would this mean a short life for the implants as the bone disappears in the areas of my jaw where there are no implants? And how would a bridge of the type you describe sit in my mouth when I have receding gums?

      again, sorry for the additional questions.

    • Dear Sharon,
      Feel free to ask as many questions as you like! It’s a big step, and that’s what I’m here for.
      Tooth extractions encourage new bone growth initially, for 8-12 weeks, until the jawbone starts to recede again. That’s why implantation is best started in the 1st 8-12 weeks.
      We certainly would not implant into areas where we can see (on the CT Scan) where the bone is minimal, and if there are not many options, then a bone graft is done to provide new bone.
      Our focus is always 1st to provide implants that will stay with you for life.
      On the bridgework we create a gum coloured “porcelain shoulder” which protects and covers the receding areas, please see the dental treatment photos here for results.

  16. Hi
    I have a lot of bone loss around my top right 2nd premolar and 1st molar which have caused me discomfort for some time, the teeth have shifted forward over time too, though the 2 teeth have no decay I would like them and extracted and replaced in some way. Any recommendation and idea of cost would be great. I’m 27 and from the UK.


    • Dear Daniel, a digital CT scan would help me determine the case better, and however if there is bone loss, you can expect to pay £400-£800 depending for a bone graft / sinus lift, and the dental implants placed at £891 per tooth, however it may be possible to solve the problem with a bridge of 3-4 teeth instead…
      The treatment if including grafting and implants would take 3 short visits to us over about 3 months.
      Does that help?

  17. Hi
    I am evaluating my options for dental surgery abroad. I am based in Switzerland but from the UK. I have always had problems with my teeth, as have my family, and I am only 27 and need these fixed properly now.
    My situation:
    Lower jaw, back two molars on left have been removed.
    Lower jaw, back molar on right removed, the next one is a giant filling that is now chipped.
    Nothing has been put in place of removed teeth, so I chew on one side which has led to the chipped filling mentioned above.
    Upper jaw, some minor fillings needed, several. Have already had a root canal and crown on upper jaw. I also have two crowns for teeth that never grew (were mini fangs).
    Have snapped tooth on upper jaw, it is the opposite tooth of the one that has had root canal. It is snapped in half to the gum, slight pain, but needs work soon. Suspect another root canal and crown.
    I would also welcome any other work advised, whitening, and a slightly chipped front tooth.
    The two crowns that replace my mini fangs were done nearly two years ago, the gum has come away a bit, leaving a black line at the top, and colour is off. Maybe these can be replace/improved too.
    Thanks for your help

    • Hi Jordan,
      I am sorry to hear about the state of your teeth, the good news is that it can be restored.
      In the lower jaw gap, I would advise certainly one dental implant supporting a 3 point bridge, the black line around the crowns is the metal showing through, and should be replaced with pure ceramic crowns instead. As for the other teeth, fillings, possibly root canal and a crown.
      I suggest that you make a day visit to us for a consultation and x-ray. If you’d like we could start work on this visit as well, and them come later for another visit to finish of the implant if needed and the final crowns / bridgework.
      From Switzerland, you could either drive / get the train here, or fly to Vienna airport where we would pick you up.

      I hope that helps…


  18. Hi there, My wife and i are hoping to come out and get some work done with yourselves. we are 22 and 24.
    We both require approx 6 fillings to be replaced with white fillings (12 in Total) and also 1 chipped front tooth to be fixed, we would also like to have our teeth whitenend to the highest standard. And just have overall great looking and healthy teeth.

    We appreciate that without seeing our teeth its hard to quote this, but an estimate would be great if possible, as we would like to know how much to put aside, we would be aiming to have the work done this coming winter.

    Kind Regards
    Mark and Dannielle

    • Dear Mark & Dannielle, thank you for getting in touch.
      It sounds as if you’d need just one visit with a overnight stay to complete the treatment.
      A chipped tooth can either be repaired temporarily with composite porcelain, or ideally replaced with a veneer or crown. (£297).
      White fillings are currently £57 each (x 12 = £684) and whitening is currently £247.
      Does that help?

  19. Hi there

    I have recently had a root canal work done on one if the front teeth. It was half broken many years ago then the dentist covered it with some cheap material and now it looks slightly damaged and colour has changed. A week after the root canal there is still an infection coming out of the gum. Went to another dentist to ask fir a porcelain veneer fitted but they refused saying the enamel of the tooth is not strong enough and the gap to the root is too large. Also they said after 5 years it would need to be taken out and a. Implant required. Help? How do I heal this infection?

    • Dear Olivia,
      It’s hard to say without seeing the x-ray, however there are a few ways to heal the infection, the area has to be cleansed, and a re-root canal treatment done. If the infection is severe, then antibiotics may be prescribed too. The worse case scenario is to extract the tooth, then let the bone heal the extraction naturally, and replace with a dental implant.
      I hope that helps…

  20. Hi I had a bridge put in 23yrs ago and now my gums are very discoloured and very painful.
    The bridge is really hurting me every waking an sleeping moment.
    I don’t like the plate on the roof of my mouth can you help me out.
    Cuz I might get the upper row pulled out completely. I believe I have gum disease in my lower jaw.

    • I’d certainly consider going to get an x-ray done somewhere to see the state of the support beneath the bridgework to sort out the cause of the pain, and also to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for replacing the plate with implant supported bridgework. How long have you been wearing a denture?
      X-rays and consultations are free in our clinic, if you’d like to make a day trip over to us.
      We’d also be able to have a look at the lower jaw, and put you in for a dental hygiene session to halt the gum disease if possible…

  21. Hi
    Ive always had constant problems with my teeth and have had enough. I would like them all removed (26 of them) and have 2 whole jaw implants.
    How much would this cost?

    • Dear Katrina,
      the total cost per jaw for 12 teeth on 4 dental implants is £5940 per jaw. However an OPG digital x-ray would be worth doing to see if the roots of some of your teeth are basically healthy, If so, possibly implants would not be needed, and the teeth could be crowned instead, bringing the cost per jaw down to £3564 for 12 teeth, and less visits would be needed.
      I hope that helps…


  22. I’ve been thinking about contacting you for a while, my question is would you be able to work on a slight underbite? I it’s barely noticeable just that my lower teeth sit slightly more forward than my upper teeth. I’ve never had jaw pain or problems eating or anything like that I didn’t even know i had an underbite until 2 years ago as daft as it sounds (i’m 40). When I spoke to a surgeon she didn’t think i needed surgery as it’s a 3mm difference and to be honest I agree the risks of surgery would have out weighed the benefits. It’s not for medical reasons i just want to improve my smile.

    • We can certainly change your underbite if it’s bothering you, however you’d need to have new crowns on the top and bottom teeth to change it, and if your teeth are basically healthy, I would actually leave them alone.

  23. Hi Daniel.
    Can you advise on the the best way to pay. I have heard pre loaded travel cards are best.(Mastercard pre loaded card) If i were to use this, would payment at reception be in euros or pounds sterling ? .
    What do the majority of your UK patients do ?

    Regards Richard Palmer.

    • Hi Richard,
      The best way to pay is cash in pounds, however I understand that this is not a option for many of our patients, and they pay by card. However then we have convert the pounds cost to Euros based on the Slovak National Bank rate of the day, and charge the card, which is fine, but the UK banks sometimes add a surcharge for the transaction conversion, however it is minimal.
      I hope that helps…

    • Dear June, the material that we currently use is called Algipor, provided by Dentsply Friadent, the same company that makes our Ankylos Implants. It has an algae origin, which means that it’s entirely bio-compatible and presents no risks.
      I hope that helps…

  24. Hi there,

    I will shortly be needing to having my 1st molar, lower left extracted. I have been told that there is nothing that they can do for the tooth as i am getting inflammation underneath one of the roots (the tooth has had root canal treatment some years ago and now I am experiencing pain and discomfort if I chew on the left).

    Don’t want to have a gap in my teeth and have been told that to have a false tooth implanted would cost over £2000.00.

    Could you give me a quote for the cost of treatment, number of visits etc it would take to get this fixed? I can fly from either Manchester or London airports.

    Many thanks,


    • Dear Nicholas, the two solutions available to you are a 3 point bridge or a single implant.
      A 3 point bridge would need work on the teeth on either side of the gap as well, costs the same as a single implant (£891), however is built to last 5 -20 years and can be done in just one visit of 4 working days.
      A single dental implant with abutment and crown costs £891, however 3 one day visits over 2-3 months are needed because of the jawbone healing time involved. However this is a lifetime solution.
      The most direct way to get to us is from Stanstead, Luton, Birmingham. Bristol or Liverpool with to Bratislava airport.
      Does that help?

    • Dear Sean,
      No need to be embarrassed, the majority of our dental implant patients are smokers or ex-smokers.
      Smoking can weaken the density of your jawbone, and while not a problem usually for implantation, it often means that usually the treatment will take a few weeks longer to heal that’s all. (dental implants usually bond fully with the jawbone within 8-12 weeks).
      Does that help?

    • Thanks for the super fast reply.Help?, that’s more than a help and put my mind at rest.Hope to see you all next year ;-D

      Thanks Again


    • Dear Sean,
      Thank you for letting me know, if I can answer any questions not covered in the meantime, please do get in touch.

      Here’s a list of dates that are fully booked, all other dates are available:

      Once you’ve made the flight booking to Bratislava / Vienna airport, please send then details to me along with your desired choice of accommodation and I’ll get about sorting everything out for you, and then send you a confirmation email.

      I look forward to welcoming you to our dental clinic personally.



  25. I have a partial denture on top along with 2 crowns which are broken could I have implants I an ashamed of my teeth cost is an issue but not impossible of course. Would I need to go about with no teeth.

    • Dear Denise,
      Certainly not! Either can modify your existing partial denture to be worn during the healing time, or we’ll provide your with a temporary bridge. Both of these services are of course in with the price of the implants at no extra charge.
      I hope that helps…

  26. Hi,I am looking at the options of replacing all teeth,due to bad fillings ,bad previous treatments.
    What are the cost and time differences between the all in 4 and the all in 6.
    Which would you recommend.Also a lot of these teeth have a plasticy look about them ,are there some better than others.
    Can you mail me any photos or examples of the teeth you provide.Many thanks

    • Hi Steve, the all in 4 is a bare minimum based on the health of the jawbone available. If the jawbone is weak, then the number of implants is increased to 6, or a maximum of 8. On those implants are then placed 12 all ceramic crowns, made from ziconia, the same material used on the crowns /veneers for Hollywood stars, so you can be sure that there won’t be anything “plasticky” about them!
      Our list of over 100 recent patient examples including videos and before and after photos can be found here:

      I hope that helps, if it’s not enough please do contact us personally through any of the forms on this website.

  27. I am looking for venures about 16 of them including top and bottom , how many visits would i need to make to your clinic and wht for, would i be put asleep at any point

    • Dear Katie, veneers are £297 per tooth, there are no extra of hidden charges, and one visit of 4 working days is needed to complete the treatment. General anaesthetic (deep sleep) treatment is not needed, as veneers are done painlessly under local anaesthetic.
      I hope that helps…

  28. Hi,

    I have a badly fitting top jaw denture , I am interested in the All on 4 treatment , would I have to suffer this ill fitting denture for 3-4 months while the implants heal or would you provide a new denture during this time

    • Dear Kim,
      There are 3 options usually in the “all on 4 case”, either your existing denture is modified, a temporary bridge is made up or a new temporary denture is made to be worn during the healing phase – 2-3 months. Does that help?

    • Dear Heather,
      Yes we do, however there are a few restrictions:
      You must remain near to our clinic for 24hrs following treatment, you must travel to us with a friend or family member, and there is an added cost of £300-£500 depending on the length of time than you’ll be under sedation.
      Does that help?

    • Dear Mike,
      It all depends on what type of dental treatment you need. Typically we’re 70% cheaper, however after you factor in the flights and accommodation costs, it’s about 50%, which is still a major deal if you’re planning to have any major dentistry done. However the most value comes in the level of dentists who will be treating you, it’s priceless compared to many clinics in the UK.

  29. Hello just had dentures fitted this week upper and lower don’t think I could cope with them how much would it cost for implants upper and lower ,thank you

    • Dear Carl,
      Yes dentures certainly belong back in the seventies 🙂
      “All on 4” dental implants with a 12 crown bridge costs £5940 with us all inclusive. That’s per jaw, if you’d like both upper and lower doing, then it’s x2. You’d need 3 visits over 2-3 months to complete the process, and you’d still be able to wear your existing denture during the in-between time. The implants are guaranteed for life, and are high standard Swiss / German implants called Ankylos.
      Does that help?

  30. Hello!
    Having read all of the above I am convinced you can help me. My teeth looks so bad that I hold my hand over my mouth when I have to talk to people. I know that I need two crowns for my two upper front teeth. Then I have one tooth missing at the back of my mouth, left side, top jaw. The upper teeth on my left side are less good than the right side and they have the inside of them coming out so it looks like pockets and you can easily see this with lights shining on them. I have dental decay by the gum end on basically all my upper teeth, front or back and my teeth are really badly discoloured from medication, coca cola and smoking. I also have a loose filling at the bottom left side and although I have had the roots removed it now really hurts to chew. I would also think I have some more wholes on my teeth that needs to be fixed. I wonder like everyone else what this will roughly cost as I would also love to have that beautiful white smile. I am aiming to have this done this August if possible. Thank you so much in advance and so glad I found you!

    • Hello Maria,
      I’m sorry to hear that you are so ashamed of your smile, you definitely need to make a trip to us! Please do use the contact form on this website so that you can send us a photograph of your smile. I will then be able to put together a more precise treatment plan and quote for you, however for gap you’ll have to decide if you’d like a dental implant or a bridge solution, and for the rest it’s going to be crowns for sure, and possibly some root canal treatment by the sound of it.
      If implants are used, then it’s three one day visits over a couple of months, if it’s just crowns and bridges then one four working day stay is enough.
      I hope that helps…

    • Hi Gina,
      Thank you for leaving a comment. I am sorry to hear about your gum disease. I would certainly recommend first of all making sure that the gum disease is well under control and not spreading, and then having a digital OPG x-ray or CT scan done to determine the quality of jawbone, and it’s suitability for successful dental implantation. The all inclusive cost of 4 full dental implants including crowns and abutments would be £3564, and you’d need 3 one day visits to us over 2-3 months to complete the treatment.
      Does that help?

  31. Hi – I’m in the US and researching dental tourism. I’d like to get porcelain veneers on my uppers , approx. 6 to 8. I also need and implant and extraction. I’m not sure if it’s cost effective to travel as far to you , do you get patients from the US? Are you open to reviewing photos and commenting on possible treatment? Thanks

    • Dear Pat,
      Most certainly! Although not as much as from the UK, we still get English speaking patients from the USA, Australia, Canada, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden. Please feel free to send a photo or x-ray using the contact form, and I’ll get back to you within 24hrs.

  32. half of one of my front teeth is broken off. i currenty have a cap on it however i feel the line between the fake and real part of the tooth is quite noticable. what could i do, a veneer?

    • Hi Rachel, I’m sorry to hear about that. Unfortunately, veneers can only be placed on natural teeth and not on existing crowns. If you’d like to fix it better, you’ll need a new crown. This can be done with us in just 4 working days. Please let me know if you’re interested…

    • Hi Johnathan,
      “All on 4” is a term used for 4 dental implants supporting a bridge of 10-12 teeth per jaw. The guarantee is lifetime for the dental implants and 5 years for the bridgework. It’s typically a solution for those with little or no teeth in either the upper or lower jaw, and for those who don’t want to have denture or false teeth…
      Does that help?

  33. Yes thankyou this is very helpful, just one more question sorry, I just wondered what you mean by one visit over 4 working days, obviously I thought you had to shave the tooth and then fit temporary veneers while the other ones are being made? Is this all in one day? Also obviously in the uk it is very expensive for porcelain veneers just wondered whether they were of the same quality as there is a massive difference in the price.. Thanks for replying 🙂

  34. Hi, have been thinking about getting porcelain veneers for a while (8 across the top) just wondered how much this would be in total and also what happens if I have any problems after having them done as obviously the clinic is abroad? Can you choose the whiteness of them? There’s nothing particularly wrong with my teeth but I really love the Hollywood smile look. How long are you away from the airport etc? Sorry about all the questions, I am considering but just worried as it’s abroad, thankyou

    • Hi Charlotte,
      It’s quite simple. The price is £297 per tooth, with no extra charges and you’ll need one visit of 4 working days with us to complete the process. All Veneers, crowns and bridgework is guaranteed for 5 years with us, so if you did have any problems you’d have to return to get them fixed, but this would be done free of charge of course. The shade of the veneers is chosen by you with advice from the dentist, by looking at a scale of 24 shades of white during your free consultation in the clinic.
      We pick up all our patients from Bratislava free of charge and the journey is about 35-45mins in normal traffic to the clinic. We also help with organising accommodation.
      Does that help?

  35. Hi i need some work done on my teeth but i dont know what to do? I was wondering if you could help, if i was to send you a picture of my teeth could you advise me of the best course of action and a rough guide to the cost of the treatment? Thank you very much and i look forward to your answer.

  36. Good evening Daniel,

    Having looked at your website I have a question. Back in July I was assaulted and ended up having my top jaw broken & three teeth displaced (top). Although the teeth were put back they have not gone back exactly into their original position & the front tooth now sits slightly lower than the one on the left. I had to have a root canel done on this tooth. Anyhow all that aside although the difference is not noticable to others to me I am very aware of it.
    Don’t get me wrong I never had the “perfect” Hollywood smile before as my teeth were/are slighly out of alinement with each other, but I am looking at to rectifying my teeth to get that “perfect” smile. I am not certain what will be the better option as I am looking at sorting out the 6 top & bottom teeth. Would veneers or bridge crown work be best to help fixed my poorly teeth but also make my teeth more straight.

    Any advice would be very much appreciated.

    • Dear Michelle,
      I am very sorry to hear about your dental situation. Typically, 4-8 crowns / veneers across the top teeth are all that is needed to create a new bright symmetric smile. Either crowns or veneers can be used to rectify this situation and the price / time needed is exactly the same, however there are various factors to consider when choosing if veneers or crowns are the most suitable option.
      Perhaps if you sent a photo of your smile through, I would be able to tell from the photograph.
      I’m sure that we can get you smiling again…

  37. Hi there I’m thinking of getting around 20 veneers i was wondering how much this would cost in total? and also do you have any payment plans? or will i have to pay in one down payment?

    • Dear Ritchie,
      pure ceramic zircon Veneers are £297 per tooth, there are no hidden or extra charges. As we do them in just one visit of 4 working days, we expect the payment in full for them before you leave. However 20 veneers is a very large amount, (do you need crowns instead? Send me a photo of your smile and I’ll give you my thoughts…) typically, 4-8 crowns / veneers across the top teeth are all that is needed to create a new bright symmetric smile. A good way to check is by smiling in front of the mirror, and checking how many unsightly, crooked, discoloured or uneven teeth are visible. This is the number of teeth that will need crowning / veneering.

      I hope that helps…

  38. Hi I will be travelling to UK over December and January from Australia.
    I would like to know what price I would pay for crowns? Probably about 1100 pounds equivalent here in Australia.


  39. Hi Daniel,
    I want to have a All-on-6 done (upper jaw). Can you please let me have the cost please and let me know what it entails?
    Many thanks and best regards,

  40. I am missing 3 teeth 1 on each side excwept the top right. I have been told that I also need 6 veneers. This is somethin I am looking to get done but 2 things have had me delaying firstly the cost in the UK and also the fear of the dredded drills and needles. Can you advise me on the total costs this would be please, I imagine this will exclude hotels and flights. Also how many days would this take.



    • Hi David,
      Welcome! You’ve come to the right place. Your missing teeth can either be replaced by 3 two point bridges (6 x £297 for non metal, all ceramic crowns – the best you can get) or 3 single 5* german ankylos implants and crowns (3 x £891). Veneers are currently £297 per tooth. For the bridges and veneers you’d need just one visit of 4 working days, if you decide for dental implants (lifetime guarantee) then you’d need 3 one day visits over 4-5 months.
      Does that help?

  41. hi there, im currently looking into dental implants for my entire mouth, as i have a severe dental phobia. i am wondering, if i were to hav a full jaw if implants, would that be done under some type of sedation or general anaesthetic? if you do not normally use these during your implant process, is there any way i would be able to pay an additional fee to have sedation or even a general anaesthetic? im aware that these are rather expensive extras, but my phobia is so severe that i cant have treatment done without at least the sedation. thank you for any information 🙂

    • Hi Emma,
      Yes of course, general anaesthetic is available, the cost is an added £300-£500 depending on the length of the work involved, and you’ll need to travel with a friend or family member. Does that help?

  42. Hi I had all my teeth extracted last week and a full upper denture fitted. I had this done due to gum diesease.
    I amfinding it difficult to cope with the removing of the teeth and would like to know what my options are regarding implants or a retained denture does this have the plate on the roof of the mouth? Could you please advise me of cost implications.
    Kind regards

    • Dear Heather,
      To replace a whole jaw of teeth, you’ll need 4-8 implants with a 12 point crown bridge across them. This will give you a functional, healthy bright smile again. This is not a retained denture, but instead the real feel and function of natural teeth.

      The cost for “All on 4” dental implants with a 12 point bridge is : £5940 per jaw and you’d need 3 one day visit over 4-5 months to complete the treatment.

      Does that help?

  43. Hi,

    I am interested in having veneers over the majority of my teeth due to discolouration. However, I am not keen on having teeth drilled etc. Do you do the veneers that are stuck onto teeth without drilling? Also, how much would this cost? I would want the best ones available.

    Kind regards,

    Louise Quinn

    • Hi Louise,
      In most cases, the front of the teeth that the veneers are attached to need “preparing” to ensure that the veneers hold in place and don’t “pop off” shortly after having them done. Without this preparation, you may have difficultly eating some foods in fear of the veneer coming off or breaking.
      As for the best, search for “procera” “cerec” and “procera”. In all cases make sure that you’re not having composite veneers.
      I hope that helps…

  44. Hi…

    Just reading through the posts above and it says 2 ceramic zirconia crowns are £297 each. Is this including all the work that has to be done before and the placement? I already have 1 crown on my front tooth and the other front tooth has filling on it at the moment as they will not allow me to have it crowned on the NHS, they want me to have it veneered. I desperately want them both crowned so there is no chance of them looking odd! I would also like my teeth whitened.. Could you tell me a price please?

    Many thanks

  45. hi, i had a brace when i was young and was given retainers in which i only wore the top ones. this led to my bottom front teeth becoming wonky and not nice. i am wanting some sort of brace or something that will straighten these teeth up. what do you suggest?
    kind regards

    • Hi Kaya,
      Unfortunately we don’t do orthodontics. Please let me explain:
      Orthodontic treatment if done well requires regular monthly visits so that the “brace” can be adjusted and tightened as the teeth move. Therefore going abroad for this treatment is not cost effective due to the numerous visits over 1-2 years that you will need to make.
      I understand that it is VERY costly in the UK to have orthodontic treatment, but as yet, there is no suitable workaround that is not detrimental to oral health.
      If you do decide to go ahead with this, I suggest checking out “teenager friendly” orthodontic systems such as “invisalign” in the UK.

      If you decide not to have a brace, then another solution is to use 4-8 crowns across the front to create a symmetrical, straight and brighter smile.

      If you need any no-biased advice on this matter, please feel free to keep in touch. I’m happy to help.

  46. Hi 🙂 How long would it take for two veneers? I have straight teeth except for two which are pointy,
    How would the procedure be done and how much? Also would you be able to do whitening at the same time?

    • Hi Hannah,
      2 veneers will take 4 working days for us to complete and cost £297 per tooth. Yes, whitening can be done at the same time.
      I hope that helps…

  47. okay what country are you located in i am currently living in Canada and to even get one is a rip off let alone eight so can you please tell me were you are located so i can plan my trip and get it done with you guys thanks

  48. Hi, I currently have a bridge where I lost a tooth (upper incisor b) whilst playing football. I also had my upper incisor A tooth knocked back but it is almost back to normal now but seems to have changed colour (I have had x-rays which confirmed the route is still alive).

    I want to get my teeth whitened, have my bridge changed to a white one and also have a veneer on the upper insisor a to make all my teeth look the same.

    Can you price me on the if possible?

    Kind regards,


  49. Hello,

    I haven’t been to a dentist since i had three fillings (all metal), and that was close to ten years ago. In that time i have suffered with all four wisdom teeth, the two top wisdom teeth have both fully grown, however the bottom two are restricted and have caused me alot of discomfort. I would be interested in finding out about the cost of examining and potentially removing these wisdom teeth to avoid the distortion of my other teeth. I would also like to find out about removing my metal fillings and replacing them with the white ones. There would need to be a general check up involved also, seeing as i haven’t been to see a dentist for such a long time, there may be other dental work needed.

    Please could you email me the cost of treatment, i am eager to sort my smile out 🙂

    • Hi Anthony,
      10 years is a long time! You’ll certainly need a digital OPG x-ray doing (free of charge with us) and based on what we see there, you may need those wisdom tooth extracting. Wisdom tooth extraction is £117 per tooth with us currently. Removing your amalgam fillings and replacing them with white ones is £57 per tooth. The check up is free 😉
      You’d need just a one day visit to us for all your treatment.
      does that help?

  50. Hi,

    I have two dental crowns in my front teeth, and sometimes i get itching from them..or shocks whenever the weather is really cold. And i’m also worried about the size of them, they look like a rabbit’s teeth! and i was wondering if there could be anything done about the size ..and perhaps the itching..?

    Looking forward to your reply.. thanks!


    • Hi ,
      As for the size, you’ll need to replace the crowns with new ones, which if done correctly should stop the itching and sensitivity to cold. Your gum area beneath the crown is obviously exposed, possibly due to gum recession. A new crown that joins with the gum line fully would protect this area and the sensitivity should decrease.

      I hope that helps,


    • Thanks for your reply! I would really love to come by your clinic to fix my crowns. How much would it cost me in total? Also, would it be a one-day job or would i have to come back for series of treatment?
      Lastly, would teeth whitening also fall under dental hygiene fees or is that a separate cost?

      Looking forward to your reply!..Thanks!


    • Hi ,
      All ceramic zirconia crowns are £297 each so that would be x2. We have no extra or hidden costs, but you’ll have to be with us for 4 working days, That’s just one visit. Whitening I wouldn’t advise during this session as your teeth may be sensitive after the crown treatment. It’s best to wait a couple of weeks, and have it done locally at home.

  51. I really need some dental teatment to a couple of broken teeth ( one badly broken but the other one not so bad) and I think that I have a couple of tiny fillings needed. I would also like to enquire about whitening once my teeth were fixed. The bad news is that I haven’t seen a dentist for 11 years mostly because i am quite scared of them.
    I am 50 years old and I realise that I need to deal with my fears and my teeth before things get any worse. Do you think that you could help? You have recently treated a, friend of mine and he said that you all made him feel very comfortable and he is very pleased with the results. Please could you e-mail me any information, I look forward to hearing from ypu soo,
    Many thanks

    • Hi Carrie,
      I’ll certainly send you an email today about your current dental issues and how to handle them. As for the “fear” factor and you having put off dentistry for over a decade – then you must come to us! I believe that we are one of the most relaxed dental clinics on the planet, and will give you all the time you need to be comfortable and feel at ease with our pain-free dentistry system.

  52. Hi I have had a bridge for years and it broke some time ago I have them on on plate now but would like a price on 2
    implants to the front.

    • Hi Shaun,
      It’s quite simple:
      2 x £397 for the dental implants
      2 x £197 for the implant abutments
      2 x £297 for the final implant crowns,
      …and then you’ve got your teeth back!
      Another option would be to do 1 implant and bridge it across from your adjacent tooth, but that would cost roughly the same (397 + 197 + 297 + 297 + 297) and isn’t a long lasting as having 2 complete implants.
      You’ll need 3 one days visits over 4 months to complete the treatment with us. There are no extra or hidden charges. Does that help?

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