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Crowns Bridges Abroad

Dental Crowns Bridges Abroad

The replacement or application of porcelain dental crowns or a bridge could most certainly improve your smile, bite and overall oral health.

Porcelain Crown
If a tooth is damaged or of poor quality, a new ceramic crown is probably the best solution. It acts like a thimble over the problem. The treatment is fast and the end result is fantastic.

If you are missing one or more teeth and would like to correct imperfections on adjacent teeth, an all-ceramic bridge is the answer. It is basically individual crowns joined together for support. Bridges can be used in combination with existing teeth or with dental implants.

Our Crowns / Bridges Procedure

1. 1st visit: Before the crown/bridge procedure
After picking you up from the airport, Dr. Marek Salka will make a first consultation and then an impression of the existing teeth. The impression will be used as the prototype for the new crown/bridge.

2. Preparing the old tooth/teeth
The natural teeth are given minor preparation or adjustments. A temporary or crown/bridge is attached.

3. 2nd visit: Placing the new crown/bridge
A week after the first visit, the permanent crown or bridge can be is securely fitted. Normally, it will serve its owner for life.

4. End result
The end result is a new tooth that should blend in perfectly with the others. After payment, we will then drive the new you to the airport.

A dental crown abroad case study:

Audrey came to Piestany Dental Clinic in May 2008. For years she hadn’t been happy with the state of her teeth, and was looking for a complete smile-design solution.

She had dental hygiene, root canal treatments and 13 all-ceramic crowns done by Dr. Marek Salka. She needed just 2 visits to the clinic with 2 weeks between them.

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