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Accredited Facilities

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Smile Clinic dental clinic facilities abroad are located in Bratislava and Piešťany and equipped with dental technology rated above the International standards as set out by the GCR.  With the support of our English-speaking administration and medical team, you’ll find yourself comfortably in the future. All memories of your previous visits to the dentist since you were a child will finally fade.

Some of our impressive statistics:

  •  Visited by over 3000 satisfied UK dental patients since 2007
  •  50-70% less expensive than the majority of private UK dental practices.
  •  Recognized by leading International, EU and UK dental associations
  •  All communication responded to within 24hrs
  •  No-nonsense dental guarantee
  •  Simple & easy to understand pricing: no hidden or extra costs involved

Here’s a list and explanations of just some of the special medical & non-medical facilities that we have to support your patient experience with us.

Medical Facilities:

  • Comfortable dental lounges with free Wifi in all areas
  • Private patient advisor Consultation rooms
  • Fully equipped bathroom
  • On-Site dental laboratory
  • 3d CBCT Scanners, Digital OPG x-rays, and Imagiology department on site
  • AED Defibrillator
  • Dental Microscope to treat what cannot be seen just with the naked eye
  • Intraoral cameras
  • Clean air system for the safe removal of amalgam fillings
  • High translucency lighting system for precise dental surgery
  • Room temperature at 21-23 ºC and 65% air humidity

The dental offices are designed to ensure maximum hygiene and achieve the highest ergonomics and comfort for the patient and the professional.”

  • Flat-screen monitors for your digital x-rays to be viewed in every room
  • Barrier-Free Disabled Access
  • Anaesthesia for conscious and deep sedation
  • Multiple sterilization rooms
  • Secondary emergency electric generator in case of a power cut
  • Ample Free Parking Nearby
  • Clinic-owned local accommodation for patients
  • Warm Blankets Provided
  • Patient’s own music can be played during treatment

and much more.

Our Piešťany spa Dental Clinic is a newly renovated building covering over 2000m2. Situated within 7 minutes walking distance of Piešťanys’ charming pedestrian zone, you’ll find our clinic across from the police station.

Our patient lounges, reception, consultation rooms, x-ray & photography department, bathroom and dental labs are all situated on the ground floor. You can then use the stairs or the lift to reach the dental surgeries and dental hygiene departments on the 1st floor.

Bratislava Old Town Clinic

Our Bratislava city centre clinic is located on the ground floor of one of Slovakia’s tallest buildings – Tower 115, on the bank of the river Danube close to Eurovea’s famous riverside promenade.

Our patient lounge, reception and consultation room are situated at the front of the clinic. The x-ray, hygiene and surgeries are located towards the back of the clinic.

We offer free consultation and x-rays with every appointment. Contact us today and get started on the smile you’ve always dreamed of but were afraid you couldn’t afford.