Accredited Facilities

Smile Clinic dental clinic facilities abroad are located in Bratislava and Piešťany and equipped with dental technology rated above the International standards as set out by the GCR.  Our English-speaking staff is extremely well-qualified and experience dental surgeons and cosmetic dentists.

Some of our impressive statistics:

  •  Visited by over 3000 satisfied UK dental patients since 2007
  •  50-70% less expensive than the majority of private UK dental practices.
  •  Recognized by leading International, EU and UK dental associations
  •  All communication responded to within 24hrs
  •  No-nonsense dental guarantee
  •  Simple & easy to understand pricing: no hidden or extra costs involved

Here’s a list and explanations of just some of the special medical & non-medical facilities that we have to support your patient experience with us.

This is our dental clinic, let´s take a tour!

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Medical Facilities:

  • 5 Dental Chairs in Piešťany (2x Surgery, 2x general dentistry, 1x dental hygiene)
  • 3 Dental Chairs in Bratislava (1x Surgery, 1x general dentistry, 1x dental hygiene)
  • On-Site dental laboratory (Piešťany)
  • CBCT Scanner and Imagiology (Piešťany & Bratislava)
  • OPG x-ray (Piešťany & Bratislava)
  • Bite Wing X-ray (Piešťany)
  • Interoral cameras (Piešťany)
  • Diagnopen (Piešťany)
  • Digital Microscope (Piešťany & Bratislava)
  • Arcus Digma Bite Registration (Piešťany)
  • AED Defibrillator (Piešťany & Bratislava)

Non-Medical Facilities:

  • Disabled Access (Bratislava)
  • Ample Free Parking Nearby (Piešťany & Bratislava)
  • Private Consultation room (Bratislava)
  • Clinic-owned local accommodation for patients (Piešťany)
  • Warm Blankets Provided (Piešťany & Bratislava)
  • Free Wifi all areas (Piešťany & Bratislava)
  • English television (Piešťany)
  • Patient’s own music can be played during treatment (Piešťany & Bratislava)

and more…

We offer free consultation and x-rays with every appointment. Contact us today and get started on the smile you’ve always dreamed of but were afraid you couldn’t afford.

Updated and reviewed by the doctors & medical team of Smile Clinic in Slovakia