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Are just 2 visits to the dental clinic needed?

Here’s an email I received today about the timing of the consultation, treatment and payment. Maybe you have the same question and are interested in my response:

“Hi, thanks for emailing back. So does any work get done or is the first visit just to take impressions etc, then when you go back 2 weeks last all the work is done then? Do you pay for all the treatment on your first visit? Thanks x”

This was my response:

“Hi Sarah,
It’s completely up to you of course, but most of our clients come out for the x-ray and free smile consultation and then go ahead with treatment on the same day. It saves them having to come out again, and for most clients, just 2 visits are needed, and yes, just 2 weeks later.
As for payment, you can pay a deposit on the 1st visit, and the remainder on the 2nd if you wish.

How would it work best for you?



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