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Dental Consultation

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Many patients ask, “What is the free dental consultation and what is included?”

At Dental Holiday, your dental health is our first concern, and we know you may want to consult with your local dentist before making the trip abroad. However, you may have already consulted with your dentist and found that the cost is prohibitive in the UK.


What is a free dental consultation?

First, x-rays are taken here at Dental Holiday, or we will use the current x-rays you provided. Chances are we will want to take the x-rays here at the clinic to ensure we have all the information we need for a proper consultation. The x-rays and consultation are free.

We will review your x-rays with you and discuss the current condition of your teeth and dental health, including your gums, along with the strength of your teeth for bridgework, implantation, crowns, etc. Depending on the health of your natural teeth, we can then determine the best course of action and options for your dental treatment plan. The state of your current teeth and gums will provide us with options.

In the case of replacing missing teeth or dentures (we do not do dentures at Dental Holiday but do replace them with implants), our clinic manager or patient coordinator will go through the various steps in implantation. The second part of the consultation is a review of your options for a dental treatment plan by our dental treatment manager.

 Our FREE consultation process provides you with the following:

  • The current state of your dental health
  • Meeting with our expert dentist and staff
  • Detailed x-rays
  • You will know your dental treatment options explained to you by our dental treatment manager.
  • Understand all the costs involved in the different options
  • Know how long and how many visits the procedure will take
  • A written guarantee and what it includes.

Now it is up to you! Once you decide what treatment you will receive, sign our Patient Consent form. Our staff will assist with any accommodations and medical visits if necessary, pick you up at the airport, take you back to the airport, and give you after-care instructions to ensure your dental treatment experience with Dental Holiday is pain-free and as pleasant as possible.

Please feel free to read about past patient experiences from our over 500 reviews. When ready, fill out our contact form and begin your new life with the smile you’ve always wanted.

Free Online Consultation:

WhatsApp, telephone or email. Send your recent X-ray or photograph or your smile to us.

In-person Consultation:

Completely free of charge, including a free panoramic X-ray and airport transfers.

8 thoughts on “Dental Consultation”

  1. HI I need to arange a consultation apointment,I can fly out friday morning and would have to leave Monday evening, I have been in contact with you recently and would like you to look at the fisability of my lower jaw having implants after 5 extractions,denture is no longer viable to much irritatation on gums and its affecting my ability to chew.If I am sucessful in the treatment I would then go for the upper jaw to be treated. One question I do have is avoiding nerve around jaw when drilling for implant incersion. Doe’s X’ray give enough detail of nerve.

    • Hi John, I’m Daniel, the patient manager here at Dental Holiday, I hear that you’re looking for a dental implant. Can you please tell me a little more about your current situation? This will help me to advise you better…

    • Hi Richard, the implant is not a problem to quote for, however for the veneers – I’d love to see a photo of your teeth first so that I can assess from a distance exactly what’s needed. I’ll pop you over an email right now so that you can send it there. Speak soon!


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