How much are Dental Crowns and Bridges abroad?

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Just hoping and wishing for a great smile won’t work. Cosmetic dentistry prices for tooth crowns and bridges certainly aren’t going to go down much in the near future.

But by requesting a free quote for porcelain crowns and dental bridges with a simple dentistry treatment plan today, you can be on the path to taking an action that will change what and how you eat, and even how you look and smile forever.

If you’re considering having your dental crowns and bridges abroad treatment, you probably have tons of questions you want answering.

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What are porcelain crowns?

What are tooth crowns?

A tooth crown (commonly know as tooth caps) is a porcelain cap made from pure ceramic placed over a carefully prepared natural or dental implant. Once the crown is permanently cemented, your smile and chewing ability are like that or even better than your natural teeth. It is used in the case of tooth restoration, for teeth that has gone past the stage of protection by simple white fillings or inlays / onlays, or for extensive cosmetic changes to a person’s smile.

Types of ceramic crowns

Apart from gold crowns, There are 2 commonly used types of crowns, porcelain-fused and all-ceramic. These are either custom-made by hand or are made using a 3D scanning machine called “Cerec” in our on-site dental lab. The material that an “all-ceramic” crown is made from is Zircon or Emax – a type of metal free porcelain that looks and feels like a natural tooth. These porcelain crowns are also proven to be stronger than natural teeth.

£327 All ceramic crown

This special type of crown is made from a porcelain-like material called zirconium oxide.

Next to your natural teeth, it is almost impossible to differentiate which are your natural or zirconium oxide teeth, due to their translucency the crowned teeth do not seem darker but much more natural when taken with a flash camera. They also save you from the “grey rim” – sometimes you may notice on older people with porcelain fused crowns, that they have a grey rim around the top. This happens when the gums recede with old age.

You can check out these names (Emax, Procera, Zirconia) on the internet, and you’ll see that they are used by the best dentists in the world – but with a huge price tag. Also if you have metal allergy or concerns about metals, the zirconium oxide crown is highly recommended. You can read more here about CEREC crowns or Zircon crowns and bridges.

This crown or bridgework made from Zircon crowns can be completed in just one visit of 4 working days with us.

The tooth crown procedure and treatment step by step

Regardless of whether you choose the 2 visits or one visit option, the tooth crown procedure is divided up into the following steps:

Visit 1 (allow 2-4 hours for this first dental session)

  1. OPG X-ray & consultation session with the dentist ending with a treatment plan being agreed on
  2. Painless local anaesthetic is given
  3. The dentist then reshapes your natural tooth/teeth to fit the crowns or bridgework needed.
  4. The dentist then consults with you, determining the colour, bite, length and shape of the crowns that you want.
  5. The dentist then makes impressions of your teeth and the mould is sent to or on-site digital dental laboratory
  6. Temporary crowns or bridgework is then usually fitted during the time that the crowns are being prepared in the dental lab.

Visit 2 (allow 2 -4 hours for this last dental session)

  1. The dentist removes your temporary crowns
  2. He then fits and cements the new crown or bridgework on your teeth or dental implants.
  3. You then both check to see if the crown perfectly fits your bite and overall desired look.
porcelain crowns cheaper abroad

Porcelain Dental Bridgework

You can replace one, two, three or four missing teeth next to each other with a porcelain crown bridge. A bridge permanently connects two existing (natural or implanted) teeth, filling in the area left by a missing a tooth or two, three or four teeth. The two ends of the bridge are anchored to natural or implanted teeth. The materials used for creating a bridge are a custom shade of porcelain chosen by you to match your surrounding teeth.

The crowns hold the bridge, and the existing (natural or implanted) teeth, on each side of the missing one(s), hold the crown. The teeth on both sides of the missing one(s) must be prepared as crowns, which will serve as abutments to hold the replacement teeth in place.

Although a bridge can, in theory, replace even more than 2 missing teeth next to each other, we generally recommend one or two dental implants. A bridge combined with dental implants will result in more strength, comfort and a longer lasting solution than a bridge in itself.

The bridge is priced according to “points” which are the same cost as crowns, either porcelain fused or zirconia. Each point is a tooth or missing tooth. The time for preparing a crown bridge is exactly the same as that of single crowns, as the process for making it is exactly the same.

What is the typical experience of those seeking tooth crowns or bridges from the UK?

We treat 1000’s of tooth crown cases with UK patients each year, and thankfully many of them are willing to share with our prospective patients their very own “dental treatment abroad story”. You can watch some of these dental patient videos and read their dental experiences abroad here.

Dental problems with crowns/bridges

Although crowns/bridges are built to last anywhere from 5-20 years, problems can occur, including chipping a crown, losing a dental crown, a dental bridge breaking or coming off and speech problems occurring with new crowns.

Anything else you need to research about having your tooth crowns or bridges abroad?

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