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How much are Dental Crowns and Bridges abroad?

man after dental treatment abroad

Want a new leap of confidence when smiling or eating? 
– Give us just 4 working days and we’ll supercharge your smile for good with dental crowns & bridges!

QUALITY: Dental Holiday uses Metal-free zirconia or Emax porcelain- The best tooth crown/bridge material in the world today for your dental crowns and bridges abroad.
Save TIME: Your crowns or tooth bridges are completed in 1 short visit of 4 working days (up to 8 teeth)
Peace of mind: 5 years tooth crowns/bridges guarantee.

man after dental treatment abroad

Just hoping and wishing for a great smile won’t work. Cosmetic dentistry prices for tooth crowns and bridges certainly aren’t going to go down much in the near future.

But by requesting a free quote for porcelain crowns and dental bridges with a simple dentistry treatment plan today, you can be on the path to taking an action that will change what and how you eat, and even how you look and smile forever.

If you’re considering having your dental crowns and bridges abroad treatment, you probably have tons of questions you want answering.

Daniel & Dr. Marek can help you with them:

  • All you need to know about having your new dental crowns and bridges abroad can be found below
  • Or you can book a 4-day crown/bridgework session with us now by filling out the form using the big green button above
  • We know your time is precious and will try to reply to all email inquiries within 24hrs with a straightforward answer to your inquiry about crowns and bridges.
  • So, if you’re ready to take the next step, just fill out your information by clicking on the big green button above or call us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

What are porcelain crowns?

What are tooth crowns?

A tooth crown (commonly known as tooth caps) is a porcelain cap made from pure ceramic placed over a carefully prepared natural or dental implant. Once the crown is permanently cemented, your smile and chewing ability are like that or even better than your natural teeth. It is used in the case of tooth restoration, for teeth that have gone past the stage of protection by simple white fillings or inlays / onlays, or for extensive cosmetic changes to a person’s smile.

Types of ceramic crowns

Apart from gold crowns, There are 2 commonly used types of crowns, porcelain-fused and all-ceramic. These are either custom-made by hand or are made using a 3D scanning machine called “Cerec” in our on-site dental lab. The material that an “all-ceramic” crown is made from is Zircon or Emax – a type of metal-free porcelain that looks and feels like a natural tooth. These porcelain crowns are also proven to be stronger than natural teeth.

£327 All ceramic crown

This special type of crown is made from a porcelain-like material called zirconium oxide.

Next to your natural teeth, it is almost impossible to differentiate which are your natural or zirconium oxide teeth, due to their translucency the crowned teeth do not seem darker but much more natural when taken with a flash camera. They also save you from the “grey rim” – sometimes you may notice on older people with porcelain fused crowns, that they have a grey rim around the top. This happens when the gums recede with old age.

You can check out these names (Emax, Procera, Zirconia) on the internet, and you’ll see that they are used by the best dentists in the world – but with a huge price tag. Also if you have a metal allergy or concerns about metals, the zirconium oxide crown is highly recommended. You can read more here about CEREC crowns or Zircon crowns and bridges.

This crown or bridgework made from Zircon crowns can be completed in just one visit of 4 working days with us.

The tooth crown procedure and treatment step by step

Regardless of whether you choose the 2 visits or one visit option, the tooth crown procedure is divided up into the following steps:

Visit 1 (allow 2-4 hours for this first dental session)

  1. OPG X-ray & consultation session with the dentist ending with a treatment plan being agreed on
  2. Painless local anaesthetic is given
  3. The dentist then reshapes your natural tooth/teeth to fit the crowns or bridgework needed.
  4. The dentist then consults with you, determining the colour, bite, length and shape of the crowns that you want.
  5. The dentist then makes impressions of your teeth and the mould is sent to or on-site digital dental laboratory
  6. Temporary crowns or bridgework is then usually fitted during the time that the crowns are being prepared in the dental lab.

Visit 2 (allow 2 -4 hours for this last dental session)

  1. The dentist removes your temporary crowns
  2. He then fits and cements the new crown or bridgework on your teeth or dental implants.
  3. You then both check to see if the crown perfectly fits your bite and overall desired look.
porcelain crowns cheaper abroad

Porcelain Dental Bridgework

You can replace one, two, three or four missing teeth next to each other with a porcelain crown bridge. A bridge permanently connects two existing (natural or implanted) teeth, filling in the area left by a missing a tooth or two, three or four teeth. The two ends of the bridge are anchored to natural or implanted teeth. The materials used for creating a bridge are a custom shade of porcelain chosen by you to match your surrounding teeth.

The crowns hold the bridge, and the existing (natural or implanted) teeth, on each side of the missing one(s), hold the crown. The teeth on both sides of the missing one(s) must be prepared as crowns, which will serve as abutments to hold the replacement teeth in place.

Although a bridge can, in theory, replace even more than 2 missing teeth next to each other, we generally recommend one or two dental implants. A bridge combined with dental implants will result in more strength, comfort and a longer lasting solution than a bridge in itself.

The bridge is priced according to “points” which are the same cost as crowns, either porcelain fused or zirconia. Each point is a tooth or missing tooth. The time for preparing a crown bridge is exactly the same as that of single crowns, as the process for making it is exactly the same.

What is the typical experience of those seeking tooth crowns or bridges from the UK?

We treat 1000’s of tooth crown cases with UK patients each year, and thankfully many of them are willing to share with our prospective patients their very own “dental treatment abroad story”. You can watch some of these dental patient videos and read their dental experiences abroad here.

Dental problems with crowns/bridges

Although crowns/bridges are built to last anywhere from 5-20 years, problems can occur, including chipping a crown, losing a dental crown, a dental bridge breaking or coming off and speech problems occurring with new crowns.

Anything else you need to research about having your tooth crowns or bridges abroad?

What’s missing? If there is a topic area about tooth crowns or dental bridgework abroad that you would like to see in the list above, please let us know in the comments below, and we’ll add it as soon as we can…

26 thoughts on “How much are Dental Crowns and Bridges abroad?”

  1. i have previuosly writtento you regarding treatment but to be quite honest i have been embarrased about my dental hygene over the past 10 years or so i am also currently having steroid treatment and wondering if this will have any effect on any reatment i will have as far as i can tell i think i need 4 single bridges and 1 double bridge that is without any work to level my original teath can you give me a rough estimate for the cost of this i realise this will only be a rough estimate and will understand that ther ma be additional costs kind regards don

    • Hi Donald, yes I remember. Your treatment should have any effect of your ability to undergo your necessary dental treatment, however from you notes, I’m not sure how many teeth your bridges cover. Do you mean one 4 point bridge and one 2 point bridge? If so then the price is easy to work out, it’s 6 x £197 (2 one day visits with 2 weeks between them) if you go for porcelain fused crowns, or £297 for all ceramic zircon crowns (one 4 working day visit). There are no extra or hidden charges. Does that help?

  2. I am missing one tooth and a couple of mainly concerned about a bridge so i can smile again without being only 23.. 🙁

    • Dear Jamie,
      Certainly crown bridges can be used to cover the gaps and create a bright, symmetrical new smile. The best idea would be to send me a photograph of your smile and teeth to me via the contact form which you can reach through the link at the bottom of this page. Then I’ll be able to have a look at it and tell you exactly how much time it would take and the costs involved. I hope that helps…

  3. Hi there,
    One of my old crown (just the front cap not the whole of the crown) has broken off after 11 years. I was wondering whether you charge extra for removing old crowns and if so how much will it be in addition to installing 2 new crowns. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  4. Hi Daniel thanks for your prompt reply, after much consideration I’ve decided to have a permanent bridge with two teeth on but because I also want veneers can you put veneers over bridge teeth.i am looking at coming to your clinic within the next two weeks and would like accommodation within a few minutes from the clinic I look forward to your reply.

    • Dear Sylvia,
      I’m not sure if I understand your question correctly, but porcelain veneers cannot be put on teeth that are already crowned, in that case you’d just have to have a new 2 point bridge done instead which would create the same effect.
      All local accommodation that we suggest on this site ( are within 10 minutes walking distance of the clinic, and I would suggest one of the apartments on Winterova (the town centre pedestrian zone) as the best place to stay.

  5. Hi there, I have several issues with my teeth: my front four top teeth are all crowns, two on the original teeth are many years old, one is on a post in my root canal and one is an implant. All of my other teeth all full of fillings. I have a molar missing on the bottom left and a molar that needs to be removed on the bottom right. The only exception is the bottom front 6 which are not filled. I would like to have the crowns I currently have replaced and also crowns over all of my other teeth. Also I would like bridges for the gaps for my two molars. Is it possible to whiten my bottom front teeth to match my new crowns or should they be crowned too? Could you estimate the cost of the treatment please?

    • Dear Alan, depending on the condition of your existing bottom teeth (which can be seen on an x-ray) would determine if they need simply whitening to match the new crowns or need crowns as well.
      Metal based crowns are currently £197 each, and all ceramic zircon £297, you can simply times this number by the number of teeth needed to be crowned, or a gap replaced, or as part of a bridge, and you’ll arrive at your final figure.
      There are no extra or hidden costs, however as yours is quite a large case, it might be work staying a week with us, or separating it into 2 one day visits with a couple of weeks in between.
      I hope that helps…

  6. I am considering having my front crown replaced, i think it would be classed as a bridge as it fits over my front two teeth? i have had it for over ten years and have never been happy with it as it appears bulky and protrudes plus it looks quite yellow since ive tried whitening my other teeth, i also have gaps on either side as my crown protrudes, so i would be looking at a new front crown and possibly two veneers at either side, could you give me an idea of how long and price?

    • Certainly Julia, a metal-free pure ceramic 2 point bridge is £594, and 2 zirconia veneers £594 as well. You’d need just one visit of 4 working days to complete the treatment. There are no hidden or extra costs: consultation, x-ray, temporary crowns / veneers, airport transfer and help with organising local accommodation is all in.
      Please do contact me using any of the forms on this website if you’d like to come over.

  7. My teeth are generally a disgrace and embarrass me terribly. My lower jaw has a bad overbite on my front teeth because the three back teeth on the right side are missing (since more than 15 years- do you think that this might require a jawbone treatment to fill it up again??). One tooth on the left side of the lower jaw is missing and generally these are not in good conditions. My upper jaw is fully bridged (more than 12 years old)consisting of two parts one going around to the left (it has become slightly loose)and the other going around to the right. Both pieces are damaged (chipped and pieces broken off mainly on the inside). I have no implants but missing teeth on the upper jaw covered by the bridges. I believe that some of the teeth holding the bridges are damaged (root canal infections and constant abscesses and I’m worried they might start to fail at some point ).
    I know that sounds a lot but do you think you are able to give me a rough estimate on what cost and treatment I can expect? Thank you very much in advance !!!

    • Hi Elli,
      I am sorry to hear that, and would certainly advise getting some treatment done asap if there are constant abscesses, as this eats away the bone, and you’ll eventually loose the teeth that are supporting your bridgework.
      I’d certainly like to see an x-ray before making any assumptions, however to “cosmetically” makeover the smile, we’d probably create new bridgework of 12 teeth to the top and bottom jaw to correct the overbite also, and you may need a couple of implants in there for support, and certainly root canal treatment by the sounds of it.

      If we replace the whole upper and lower jaw for someone with no teeth at all, then it’s £5940 x 2 = £11800 and needs 3 visits over 3-4 months to complete. My guess is that your case would be £1000-£2000 less due to the lower number of supporting implants needed, however like I said this is just a guess, and an x-ray would tell me exactly.
      I hope that helps…

  8. I have just completed a 6 month smile treatment which has left me with 3 bottom front teeth requiring crowns due to chips and being worn down. Can you tell me how much this treatment would be? Do you do teeth whitening? Many thanks, Belinda.

    • Dear Belinda, 3 all ceramic crowns (we need to use metal free crowns on the front teeth to create a better look for you) are 3 x £297 = £891. Yes, we also do teeth whitening, which is £247, done after the new crowns have been placed. Would you like me to arrange an appointment for you the clinic?

    • Hi Choty,
      To replace the snapped tooth with a bridge, it would be the same cost as a dental implant, therefore certainly I’d recommend a dental implant, simply because it will most probably last a lifetime. The cost would be £397 for the implant, £197 for the abutment and £297 for the crown. That’s £891 in total, and there are no extra or hidden costs whatsoever.
      I hope that helps…

  9. I have three bridges and after having my teeth whitened they do not match my whitened teeth. I would like to have them all replaced with zircon bridges. Could you tell me how much this would cost and how long it would take considering the bridge preparation work has already been completed?
    Upper left, 3 elements
    Lower left 3 elements
    Lower right 4 elements

    • Hi Kit,
      Certainly, it’s £297 per bridgepoint, and you mentioned 10 bridgepoints all together so that’s £2970. For this procedure you’d need one visit of 5 working days for us to complete the treatment or two one day visits with 2 weeks between them.
      Although the preparation work has been done, we still need to remove the bridges, take impressions and get our dental lab onto making them, that’s why it takes as long as the usual procedure.

  10. hi there. I had an accident when I was younger which left me with two front teeth chipped. One of the teeth is discoloured now due to having the nerve removed because of complications. I have white fillings every 6 months or so because the fillings chip or don’t stick properly to the teeth. I want a more permanent solution- I think maybe crowns would solve this issue?

    • Dear Liam,
      Yes, unfortunately only a crown who be a permanent solution as the fillings will not stick long-term. The cost is £297 for a pure porcelain (metal free) crown. Would you like to book an appointment?

  11. I am looking to have my two front teeth removed and a bridge done as replacement, can you tell me the cost of this please? Thanks.

    • Dear Bronagh,
      There are 2 possible solutions. Either a 4 point bridge (4 pure ceramic crowns x £297 = £1188) which would take one visit of 4 working days to complete, or 2 single dental implants, abutments & crowns £891 x 2 = £1782 which would need 2 visits to us with 3-4 months in-between.
      Does that help?

  12. Hi
    I hope you can help me….basically im embaressed to smile
    i fell off a ladder at roof height ,maybe 2 to 3 years ago,and two front lower jaw teeth are in embedded in concrete in Croydon…i live in Chatham around 35 miles away from there,so you can imagine how i look now i should imagine?…i also have since then had a fignt,and lost one upper tooth in the process….but basically my whole front mouth teeth are rotten,missing,or badly stained,due to smoking ,drinking,and not looking after them….i have a plate already in my top arch,due to this,where 3 teeth were extracted to being rotten…my back teeth,the ones i have left are terrible too,but im not overly bothered about that,as you cant see them,when i just smile…so ive clocked your clinic on a dental tourism website and was wondering if you could whip the remaining but probs not for much longer front teeth out both top and bottom arches, and do a full front mouth( im not too bothered about back teeth) Rylan Lee Clarke all on 4 or whatever procedure is suitable transformation for me….id like a rough estimate first obvs,thank you


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