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Dental Holiday brings simplicity to dental treatment abroad

Image by TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ via Flickr

Dental Holiday tries to “bring simplicity” to the UK dental scene.

Daniel Shaw, Founder of Dental Holiday, noted that Dental Holiday is looking to make also dentistry abroad more straightforward.

He commented: “Our 4 years of experience with treatment UK patients abroad offers us a strong platform for growth. Dental Holiday aims to bring simplicity to the UK dental scene which has traditionally been a complex sector.”

This follows research conducted by Dental Holiday illustrating a clear patient demand to understand dentistry better.

Dr. Marek Salka, Chief Executive of Dental Holiday, added: “The financial crisis has tarnished the reputation of many UK dentists. Dental Holiday will continue to provide a better, different form of dentistry to its patients, increasing competition in the sector.

Our aim is to make ‘everyone better off’ in the way we do dentistry by offering good value to patients, treating them well, and making a positive contribution to society.”

Our approach to dentistry abroad is founded on developing a sustainable, low-cost alternative to expensive UK dentistry.”

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