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Dental Implants

Dental implants replace tooth gaps, teeth dentures and porcelain crown bridges, as they are a permanent and more comfortable dentistry solution. When placed by experienced dentists or implantologists abroad, they will feel and look like natural teeth.

So if you are having trouble eating properly or have cosmetic issues due to missing teeth, then dental implants will be the answer. The determining factor whether or not a dental patient can have implant treatment hangs on the bone density – the amount of healthy bone that the implant can be placed into. In some cases, existing teeth can be extracted and replaced with implants on the same day, although this lowers the success rate of the implant slightly.

Tooth Implants – it’s the same thing 😉

Ideally implants are placed into healthy bone, free from abcess or infection. Bone grafts or sinus lifts are also possible where the bone matter is weak or lost.
The bone takes 3-6 months to heal before the implant can be “loaded” that is, to put on a crown or bridge to be used with regular eating functions.

How are dental implants used?

Implants support a single porcelain crown, a porcelain crown bridge, or are attached to fixed, permanent dentures. Implants don’t suffer from decay like natural teeth, but should be taken care of with regular dental hygiene sessions. Smoking does hinder the healing process after implants. When successfully placed, they will last much longer than most of us will live.

Dental Implant Brands

There are very many dental implant brands available, some of the most popular ones offered to those seeking dental treatment abroad are wital (one of the worst implant brands) 3i is similar to Ankylos but not as advanced technologically, Straumann, Nobel Biocare or Branemark are of the same quality as Ankylos.

The dental implant process

  1. A digital OPG x-ray or CT scan is essential. Do not have undergo implants if the dental surgery does not have one of these advanced machines. They are essential in determining the placement of the implants at the overall bone density available.
  2. Once the x-ray has been assessed and the dentist agrees that you can go ahead with the dental implants, then you will have local anesthetic. Your face will be covered for the duration of the implantation but you will be able to communicate at all times with the dentist and dental nurses.
  3. A small hole is drilled into your jawbone and the implant is screwed in place using special tools. Then a healing cap is plaaced on the top of it and the gums are sewn back into place. This whole procedure usually takes around 20 mins per implant.
  4. In some cases you will be given antibiotics to clear any abcess after implantation, or at least some pain killers to stop the throbbing. But most patients are free to walk out of the dental surgery and function normally. There may be some slight facial swelling or brusing involved which should pass afer a few days.
  5. 7-10 days later, the stiches should be removed by a local dentist, nurse or doctor.
  6. 2-3 months later, another x-ray will be taken to see the success of the implants and then the implant can be crowned, using a titanium abutment to attach the implant to the crown, bridge or fixed denture.

The cost of dental implants

Certain specialist implant clinics in the UK will charge more for their expertise than general dentists. An experienced dentist who has placed 100’s of implants is a safe bet. By having dentistry abroad you get the best of both worlds, specialist dental treatment with experienced dentists at more than half the price of the UK.

The materials and implant system used is also worth noting, as abroad you can afford much better quality implants for cheaper prices.

The average total price of a single implant in the UK including all the necessary treatments and materials can range anywhere from £1800 to £5000 and a full mouth reconstruction requiring several implants and major restorative work could cost you in the region of £20000 to £30000 in the UK. Our clinic total cost per implant is just £897.

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