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A London Boxer has Dental Implants

Daniel Shaw and Dr. Marek with another satisfied dental patient from the UK. This time it’s a boxer from London. One common accident that occurs to a boxer is losing a tooth (or teeth!) during a boxing match or sparring session.

Hard-knocking punches certainly have the power to break somebody’s teeth or jawbone. However, in most cases these teeth can be replaced using a method involving dental implants.

We also recommend creating a customized gum-shield for potential sparring partners!

Click the paper below to see his original questionnaire. This is what he wrote in it:

dental implants boxing“I have been to some terrible dentists in my time and you are the best I have used by far. The organization, hospitality and the quality of the work is second to none, I don’t know where you could improve.

I have recommended you to people I hardly know but need a lot of dental work done, just people need to build up the courage to use a dentist abroad.”

2 thoughts on “A London Boxer has Dental Implants”

  1. Iv got two front porcelain veneers , my question is can I start back boxing?? Or is there a good mouth piece you could recommend .


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