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“My treatment was carried out professionally”

Paul from Manchester contacted us and shared thoughts about having 2 dental implants done. As this treatment is very costly in UK he decided to have them done abroad – at Smile Clinic Slovakia.

Looking at the 1st digital X-ray here you can see that Paul had many teeth missing in the upper jaw. The remaining teeth were in very bad condition.

X-ray taken before treatment

Dr. Marek – the main surgeon – suggested to extract all remaining teeth from Paul’s upper jaw and replace them with 6 dental implants and a fixed denture – 12- point bridge. Some bone reconstruction was also needed to support the new dental implants.

Dental implant treatment in Slovakia

X-ray with semi-permanent bridge

The whole treatment took 3 short visits over 6 months. The semi-permanent fixed bridge was created for Paul right after the first surgery to have some teeth during the healing time period. No one could see the treatment was still in process and he could get used to having a full set of teeth again.

The All on 6 treatment on upper jaw

After his final visit in Dr. Marek’s dental chair, Paul said:

Treatment carried out professionally by the staff with all modern technology on site and staff also attentive, friendly and approachable to cover any needs.”

(scroll down to see Paul’s hand – written testimonial)

Paul’s new natural-looking teeth

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Article was medically reviewed by Dr.Marek Salka .