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Dental patient in newspaper

I saved 3.500 GBP on dental work.

“My dentist told me I needed major work to the roots of four of my teeth as well as three crowns and two old fillings replacing – and it would cost me £5000!
I couldn’t afford that so I went on the net and found Piestany Dental Clinic in Slovakia. I spent weeks on forums, reading that other patients said about the practice and it was all good.
I then spoke to the dentist whose English is excellent, plus the clinic is a member of the British Academy Of Cosmetic Dentistry.

The Clinic booked my flight, which cost £35 return and I stayed in a gorgeous flat for £30 a night, organised by the clinic. the driver even picked me up from the airport and was given a mobile phone for the duration of my stay.
I was at the clinic for six hours over three days. In the free time, I visited local spas or saw the sights.
I had the work done in November last year and am really happy with it. It’s also guaranteed for four years. Best of all, it only cost me £1500


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