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Dental clinic abroad video

Watch our dental clinic abroad video now and see exactly why we’re the best dental clinic abroad.

Take a look around your dental clinic abroad, meet the dental team and experience the journey of Maxine, a recent UK patient of ours and others who recently had their dentistry all done abroad.

We believe that we are the UK’s most friendly, relaxed and experienced dental clinic outside of the UK, especially for those wanting to get away, get it all done in one go, and return home satisfied and smiling again.

For an in-depth overview of the dental clinic, its dentistry team, dentists and the town of Piestany, near Bratislava, please click here: UK dental clinic abroad

Having your dentistry done with us just couldn’t be more simple. We present everything you need to know in a simple, easy-to-follow manner on this website, in our emails to you, and our dental clinic abroad.

As the late Michael Jackson once sang – ABC It’s as easy as 123…


Contact us to discuss your dentistry and desired dental treatment date abroad through our contact form on this website.

Based on your information, we will prepare an initial treatment plan based on the time involved and the expected dental treatment costs.


Find a cheap flight to Bratislava or Vienna airport, send Daniel the flight details to us, and we’ll organise all your accommodation and dental appointments and then send you confirmation of all the arrangements.


Get picked up from the airport by one of our complimentary drivers, have great dentistry abroad and go home with a smile!

free dental quotation and treatment abroad

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6 thoughts on “Dental clinic abroad video”

  1. I am not usually a ‘reviewer’ but feel compelled to comment on my experience at this clinic.

    I looked at it 2 years ago but as a nervous patient, only managed to talk myself into it this year. I need NOT have worried. They say ‘if something seems too good to be true it usually is’ THIS IS NOT THE CASE HERE. I was quoted £8500 (lowest of 3) for the work I wanted done on my teeth at 3 dentists in and around Stockport (Poynton, Denton and High Lane) so of course I thought the £2790 at dental holiday was a good deal.

    What can I say except that I now have a ‘hollywood smile’ and I love it! I booked my flight and my Mum came with me because I was nervous of going alone to an unknown country to meet strangers. I know this is easy for me to say now but, I could easily have gone alone. Even my Mum who is wary about everything is thinkng of returning to have hers done and said she is not bothered about me going with her! She is 65, and loved the place because it felt so safe and freindly. We were collected from the airport (flight was early but Phil was waiting) and taken by car to an apartment booked by Daniel. Phil took us in and if I’m honest it looked a bit scruffy frorm the outside and on the way in but inside was a different story, modern, very warm (important here in Feb) and so, so clean. There was tea and coffee and bath foam and soap provided and if you ask Phil he will stop off so you can buy some milk for a coffee when you arrive. (in fact Phil was so acccomodating he asked if we would like to call at the Tesco on the way to do ‘a bit of a shop’) Next day I arrived at the clinic for my 8.30 appointment and was taken for an xray by a lovely lady (sorry I can’t remember her name (at 8.30, not 8.50 as would have been with my dentist here) and my Mum was immediatley offered a coffee by Monica the receptionist (who BTW was really lovely and even printed off the train times to Bratislava for Mum) and was seen by Dr Salka at about 8.45. I was so pleased with the way he dealt with me, spending as long as I wanted looking at before and afters and advising me that crowns were better than veneers for the teeth I wanted treating (same price but more work for him) and that I only needed 9 for my ‘smile makeover’ (not 10 as I had planned) Work started at 12.30 the same day.

    Yes I was still nervous and yes I shook like crazy but that is me! I was possibly the most nervous patient Dr Marek had ever seen but there was no way he was going to let me feel any pain. Any time I wanted a break or more anaesthetic he was there. What a lovely man. Very quick, very skilled and very considerate. The dental nurse (again memory block on name, must have been the nerves) was SO nice to me, made sure I was comfortable and kept on doing that ‘sucky thing’ as soon as she saw I needed it.

    LOOK I think you get the picture so I won’t go on about the comfortable temporarys, the brilliant and thorough hygeinist (Barbara she called herself but I think that’s her ‘english’ name) who gave me a lesson on how to look after my ‘new’ teeth (believe me, these people care about their work) and the relaxed and friendly attitude of everyone who works there. Just one final word on the area. Go down to the proper old town. It is not really clear where the spa bit is but DO take time to walk over the river and to the park. Winterova street is BEAUTIFUL with all the lovely old architecture and the park is SO tranquil with it’s fascinating thermal spa pools! In Feb they were visibly steaming. Put your hand in, it’s hot!!

    If you have any worries or concerns when deciding whether to have your dental work done here, please ask Daniel for my phone number. I am quite happy to talk to you. Leave me a messsage if I don’t answer. I live in Stockport and work In Heaviley. JUST DO IT. Thanks again to all at Dental Holiday especially Phil (he looks and sounds like John Thompson! sorry Phil) Monica (thank you for looking after my Mum while she was waiting), and of course the brilliant, lovely, patient with his patients (and has beautiful eyes, sorry but you can’t help noticing, all that time in the chair!), Dr Marek Salka. I may go back for my lower teeth. 10 out of 10

    • I’ve replied to Angela to thank you for her comment a while ago, but I returned to this page today and re-read the comment. I just have to thank her publicly for her efforts to help future patients of ours feel at ease when deciding on a dental clinic abroad like ours.
      Recent or new patient, always feel free to share your thoughts on our website, we appreciate it.


    • Dear Stewart,
      How many teeth or gaps does your bridge include? If you times that number by £197 (porcelain fused bridgework) £297 (pure ceramic bridgework) then you’ll arrive at the final cost. We have no hidden or extra costs involved and you’d need 4 working days with us to complete the treatment.
      Does that help?


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