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Our dentist’s wages don’t just go in their pockets


A portion of the money spent by all our UK patients goes towards supporting those who, due to unfortunate circumstances, cannot get ahead in life.

Piestany Dental Clinic sponsors each month, a Kenyan boy called Job, who is an orphan raised in a children’s home, and now hopes to complete his studies and get a stable job.

I have met Job personally 3 times now during my frequent trips to the slums of Nairobi to work in the children’s home there. Here’s Job’s most recent letter:

“Hello Daniel,

How are you and every one? I hope that God has kept all safe and in good health, on the other hand I am well too, I am doing well at school though with quite substantial difficulties but this won’t deviate me from my vision of being a responsible whole rounded accountant.

To begin with I would like to appreciate very much for support that I receive from you monthly, it is so significant to me so much that without it I will totally not proceed with anything.

I appreciate a lot for the fact that I am lucky to receive this much else I will have nothing. This money is not enough for my monthly expenses and it forces me to forgo meals that to have one meal a day, sometimes I am also forced to walk to school and also I lack school materials that need to be photocopied or in the case of presenting typed work I present handwritten work which makes me lose marks. This money is partitioned into ksh3000 for accommodation, 300 electricity, 50 for water, 200 for email, 150 for telephone, 300 for school related materials, 1000 for food and 1000 for transport.

In contrast, I need transport of 3000, food of ksh50 per meal and 3 times a day for a whole month, I mean the allocation I have so far is not enough and any kind of help will be so much appreciated from any one willing, even just a single meal per day will be of great value to me.

Though I have so much difficulty, I appreciate my father in heaven for knows me by name and He is real helping me. Well I must also acknowledge your assistance and say thanks and thanks again and God bless you so much.

I dedicate to you all much love, gratitude and greetings.


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