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Dr.Marek does a fantastic job

I would tell someone how easy the travel is as you are picked up from the airport and accommodation is arranged for you. Also, everyone speaks English. The staff go out of their way to help and Dr.Marek does a fantastic job


Upper teeth – removable denture was replaced for a fixed bridge fitted on dental implants.
Dr Marek first fitted dental implants for the upper jaw, and then a temporary bridge was fitted.

Bottom teeth were very loose, and a tooth extraction had to be done because severe gum disease called periodontal disease loosened the teeth by damaging the bone around them

Some Reasons for periodontal disease:

  • Not seeing a dental hygienist regularly
  • Not cleaning teeth properly
  • Smoking

Extraction of lower teeth and Lower dental implants were placed at the second visit.

In most cases, a dentist can pull (extract) your tooth.