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Looking for the cheapest option for implants?

Why Dental Holiday?

“because the service is good, the people are professional and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than in England”

Rob B. from Birmingham, UK – 2022

If you are looking for the “cheapest” dental implant option, I’m sure you’ll find it; there are many good dental implant clinics to choose from worldwide.

Whether you choose to have your dental implant treatment with Dental Holiday or not, we will always strive to put your needs first and suggest options for the best solution for you based on our 15 years of experience working with patients like you from the UK.

These questions will help you to make an accurate comparison between 2 clinics when looking into dental implants or the “all on 4/6/8” procedures:

Surgery no. 8 in the Piešťany dental implant clinic
  • Is the diagnostic consultation included free of charge?
  • CT-scans free?
  • Is the doctor an implantologist (master’s study in university) or just a dentist or doctor in training?
  • The number of visits needed?
  • Semi-permanent bridge fitted immediately when implants are placed?
  • Type of implants used?
  • Types of crowns used?
  • Any extra or hidden costs? (bone grafts / sinus lifts / stitches / medication, etc.)
  • Does the clinic use an on-site lab?
  • What is the clinic’s current GCR Score? Are they internationally accredited? (International rating of clinic standard)

Send any UK dental treatment plan to us that you’ve received, and we’ll break it down for you. In most cases, you can be sure that it will be 50-70% cheaper than in the UK.

This is because:

1. We use the most expensive brand of dental implants in the world to ensure the most successful, long-term result

Have a look here for a comparison:

They charge £1500-£3500 per implant – that’s only the implant – not the abutment, crown, healing abutment, CT-scans, OPG X-rays, expert planning & consultation, sutures, etc.

Compare this with our £653 price, with everything else apart from the abutment & crown included.

2. Work done by a master implantologist & not by a dentist

It’s easy to be cheap when done by someone still learning the craft; however, your smile is not something someone should be “learning” on.

While the UK law still allows it, most UK clinics have dentists who do dental implants, with much less experience than us.

Here in Slovakia, you have to complete a separate university degree after dentistry, plus after placing 10-15 implants per day for 13 years, you can be sure that Dr. Marek is the right doctor for you in terms of experience.

3. On-site dental lab

Many UK clinics send their crowns to be made in other towns or abroad. We are unique in that your crown is hand-made directly in our labs beneath the clinic, ensuring that minor adjustments can be made without an extra visit.

4. Lifetime guarantee on your dental implant

We will give you a lifetime guarantee on your implants. To maintain the guarantee, you will have to visit our clinic for an annual check-up and have dental hygiene at least once yearly (you do not have to visit our dental hygienist specifically). If taken care of properly, your dental implants will last a lifetime.

Contact us today to find the cheapest option for your dental treatment!

2 thoughts on “Looking for the cheapest option for implants?”

  1. Hi I would like to know the price and the way it all works to come over from the uk and have 26 teeth removed and implants maybe all on6 etc thanks lynn

    • Hi Lynn, thank you for your comment. I have just sent you an email with detailed information about the All on 4 treatment. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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